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Stan Jordan Quits School Board, Will Run for State Senate

jordanFormer State Representative Stan Jordan, who was just recently elected to a seat on the Duval County School Board, is leaving that post to enter the September 15 special election for State Senate.

Jordan enters the race with significant name recognition from his time on the School Board and in the State House.  It's long been rumored that the trial lawyers were looking for a candidate to back in the Senate election, as they are not happy with former House Speaker John Thrasher.

In addition to Jordan and Thrasher, Jacksonville City Councilman Art Graham and businessman Dan Quiggle are also going to battle it out for the seat.  Former State Representative Aaron Bean dropped out of the race on Friday and endorsed Thrasher.

“I will take a lot of the issues, concerns and frustrations of the School Board to the Senate with me,” Jordan said.

Jordan's resignation will add yet another election to next month's ballot.  With City Councilman Art Graham already in the running, his District 13 council seat will be up for grabs.  Now Jordan's School Board seat will be in the mix as well.

Atlantic Beach Mayor John Meserve will seek Graham's Council seat, along with two other candidates who have already filed.  Currently it's not clear who will run for Jordan's school board seat, though two likely contenders are Ken Manuel and Cathie Shimp.  Both were narrowly beaten in last year's election.\

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  1. Now that everything has shaken out, it seems as if the vilification of Speaker Thrasher having been rumored to have financed a poll almost immediately after Sen. King passed away, was inaccurate and unwarranted.

    The head to head comparison in that poll between Speaker Thrasher and Mrs. King was because she was the Trail Attorney’s first choice. With Jordan’s entry into this race, it is clear who the Trail Attorney’s candidate is, and alternatively who best represents small businesses and better jobs. They are gunning for Thrasher because they are scared of him. One way or another, this is something that should weigh heavy in the minds of the voters.