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Readers Send in Pet Peeves About Youth Sports

Keep on sending in those "pet peeves," and let's see what kind of list we can put together.

Here are a few I liked:

- After having watched many years of youth sports from age 4 to high school varsity, one of my pet peeves is the parent who undermines the coach's authority in front of the kids, and I've found that often the most guilty parents are the ones who know the least about that particular sport! I'm not saying a parent should never question a coaching decision, but like everything else there is a time, a place, and a way: after the game or practice, in private, and after everybody's emotions have cooled. One exception: if a player's actual physical safety could be compromised. Thanks for the opportunity to sound off!

- I am the parent of a teenage soccer ref. My biggest pet peeve: parents who yell and scream at soccer refs, when the parents don't even understand the rules.

Great pet peeve! I can relate! Been there, done that!

That reminds me of the time that I was asked to referee a 7- to 8-year-old basketball game because the normal referee (high school kid) must have overslept and missed his early 9 a.m. Saturday scheduled game. So, I with lots of hesitation agreed to ref that first game.

Things were going great until at one point of the game, the offensive team kept on shooting and missing and getting the rebound and shooting again and missing and getting the rebound and shooting again, and again, and again. This whole shooting episode took about 10 seconds or so.

Well, the ignorant but "I know everything about basketball" dad kept on yelling out, "hey ref, call 3 seconds in the key". He kept yelling at me and yelling at me. I wanted to blow my whistle, walk over to the bleachers and read the rule book out loud to him in front of everyone; in the case of a loose ball, there is no 3 seconds in the key call!

He was making the biggest scene and he was 100 percent wrong and unaware of the rules.

And, here's one more to add to the pot:

- I can't stand to watch coaches send their kids on laps, or make them run wind sprints because they made mistakes in the game. Missing too many free throws, striking out too many times, missing a tackle are mistakes that will not get better by running wind sprints. Coaches who use this kind of coaching strategy will have the worst team in skill level but they'll be ready for the upcoming track season. Shooting extra free throws at practice, taking additional time for more batting practice and spending more time on tackling drills is the ticket.

OK, keep those pet peeves coming in, and I will include the best of the best!

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