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Jacksonville Pays Tribute to Fallen Pilot Scott Speicher

Jacksonville Police Officials and local Firefighters, outfitted in full
dress uniform, blocked West Forsyth Street leading into downtown for 15 minutes this morning as a show of respect for the remains of Naval Pilot Scott Speicher.

Hundreds and maybe thousands lined the street and saluted or placed their hands over their hearts in the utmost sign of admiration and honor for this fallen hero.


Very few fallen Jacksonville residents have ever received such an honor... which is usually reserved for high-ranking dignitaries and U.S. Presidents. Most of the flags in the city along with those in the State Capital have been lowered to half-staff in honor of the price he paid for his country.

Mayor John Peyton and Florida Governor Crist spoke kindly of the fallen war hero as the motorcade approached.

God Bless Scott Speicher and his family.



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  1. It is entertaining how the (Judeo Christian Controlled neo-con) media is trying to erase history by referring to this event as the "First Gulf War"

    Actually it is the Second Gulf War... The first Gulf War (from 1980-1988) was against Iran (using the Arabs as Merceneries against Iran) and was also started by these animals who control U.S. and British foreign policy.

    • That war is known as the Iran-Iraq War... since it was between Iran and Iraq.

    • Lemmie guess, those animals are the Jooooooooooooooooos. Believe me, Iraq did plenty fine on its own starting that war.

  2. Hey, stick to the topic. GOD BLESS SCOTT SPEICHER AND HIS FAMILY.