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Speicher’s Remains Will Be Laid to Rest on Friday

michael_scott_speicherAfter more than 18 years, Navy pilot Michael "Scott" Speicher has returned to his hometown for the last time.

While a lieutenant commander serving in the gulf war, his F/A 18 was shot down over Iraq, making Speicher the first casualty of the 1991 conflict.

He wasn't found, and it wasn't clear if he had survived the crash or not. But in late July, search teams found his remains about a mile from the site of the crash.

After a long journey to verify the remains were his and to try to determine exactly what happened to him, his remains landed at Jacksonville Naval Air Station on Thursday.

Friday, there will be a processional as Speicher leaves the naval base heading for his burial.

Along the way, the processional will pass several places for public viewing, including the Veterans Memorial Wall, where the city's public memorial will be held beginning at 9 a.m.

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