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Chamber Poll Shows McCollum Leading, Crist Still Popular

Republican Attorney General Bill McCollum leads Democratic Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink among likely voters for the 2010 governor’s race, according to a poll paid for by the Florida Chamber of Commerce.

But Democrats are wary of the poll’s findings, noting the polling company that conducted the survey has strong ties to the Republican Party.

McCollum leads Sink 43 percent to 34 percent for Sink among likely voters, according to the poll, conducted by Cherry Communications, a Tallahassee-based communications firm that promotes conservative causes, and bills itself as a GOP polling firm.

The poll, which has a margin of error of 4 percent, comes 16 months before Election Day for the seat vacated by Gov. Charlie Crist, who is running for the U.S. Senate. Most telling may be the fact that 23 percent are undecided.

“Though both candidates have similar name identification ratings, Attorney General McCollum continues to hold the lead in this race, partly because of the significant crossover appeal among Democrats,” said Marian Johnson, Vice President of Political Affairs for the Florida Chamber of Commerce.

The same poll shows Governor Charlie Crist holding an extremely strong 67% approval rating.

The chamber-backed poll was completed Aug. 5. Surveyors took input from 605 randomly selected respondents who identified themselves as likely voters.

A Democratic spokesman dismissed the poll, saying it comes more than a year before the election and voters are focusing their attentions elsewhere. In addition, Democratic Party spokesman Eric Jottkoff said the poll finding should be viewed skeptically, given the pollster’s close ties to the GOP.

“Right now it doesn’t matter,” Jottkoff said. “In 2010, Floridians are going to have a clear choice.”

Established in 1990, Cherry Communications says its goal is to promote Republican principles by providing voter contact and other phone services to the Republican community.”

“Since then, Cherry Communications has served the direct contact needs of thousands of Republican candidates, party organizations, and conservative groups throughout the country,” the company's web site states.

In June, a Ron Sachs Mason-Dixon poll found McCollum ahead of Sink in the governor’s race 41 to 35 percent, but with 24 percent undecided.

But that same month a Quinnipiac University poll showed Democrat Sink holding a 38-34 percent lead over McCollum. Quinnipiac is expected to release its latest 2010 gubernatorial poll later this week.

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  1. Intersting poll results. It's funny that Dems would be trashing this poll when it is reasonably benchmarked off the Sachs poll in June. Ron Sachs is primarily a Democrat communications specialist. guess they just don't like their girl being down in the polls not making any ground. Long long time until the election, but this demonstrates McCollum is certainly competitive and electable!

    As for Governor Crist, this simply reinforces that he is absolutely our best chance to keep this Senate seat for the Republicans, and that he is overwhelmingly popular. By making reasonable assumptions based on this poll (that was based on all registered voters) there is still no mathmatical indication that there is a major weakness for Gov Crist inside the Republican Party.

    • Mr. Franklin,
      The only thing missing from the Democrats verbiage was "terrorist, racial expletives, Naiz, un-Ameican, and neo-con". The only honest reply was the un-named Dem who observed the election is a year out.

      Democrats around the country are being pummled because of their Party leader: Obama. Add to the debacle; Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid (who seems to be in hibernation since he's in the political fight of his life) and the entire nation now has more self-proclaimed conservatives than self-proclaimed liberals. Democrats are in a very bad situation: and their actions of desparation illustrate they are aware of that fact.

      To deminish the polling data would only be honest if the polsters had a reputation for being inacurate in the past. However, if that were the case, only political parties or agenda driven organizations would use them as tools to influence the accurate polls. I doubt seriously the Chamber of Commerce is trying to do anything more than get an idea of the political climate over then next couple of years so they can make their fiscal decisisons.

  2. In spite of my spelling mistakes.

  3. McCollum might make a decent Governor. Crist is as bad an idiot as the wackos in Congress. 1. "Felon-Loving Charlie" restored the rights of felons that "have paid their debt to society" Just who we need voting and on jury duty! Notice he didn't restore their gun rights. (Perhaps he feared they might run up some more "debts".)
    2. "Ethanol Charlie" signed the bill into law that make Gasohol about mandatory. (Never mind that Ethanol will destroy my old outboard motor, some older boat gas tanks, antique autos, and some light aircraft.) One week he and his US Sugar buddies were going to make Florida the Ethanol capital of the U.S and a few weeks later he dropped the whole idea and used tax dollars to buy US Sugar for environmental purposes.
    3. "Retirement -Raiding Charlie" has the Florida Retirement System heavily invested in his Hurricane Insurance scheme. The FRS was once rated one of the best in the country. Now one good hurricane and .........
    4. "Property Tax Charlie" didn't lower my property tax one cent! His convoluted bill saved some middle class homeowners a few dollars (literally "few") and mainly reduced taxes on the rich with multiple houses.
    Gov. Charlie isn't anything close to a real Republican or , for that matter, to a real Democrat. This old real Republican that goes as far back as doing door-to-door for IKE in '52,and the Duval Republican Executive Committee during the Regan years, won't vote for Crist for anything. The sooner we're rid of him, the better.

    • The poll didn't claim that he had 100% job approval rating just a staggering 70%. Guess you're part of the small 30% that doesn't support him.

      • Yep! Bet most of the idiots in D.C. are liked by the voters back home. Hitler invented the Volkswagen and Mao built some large hydro-electric dams so Seig Heil and ain't Mao's littke Red Book sumpthin? Good credit? No credit? Bad credit? Come on down! Barnum didn't say "There's a sucker born bvery minute." He did say that "The people kike to be humbuged". Good luck with Crist but to me he's just more of the same.

  4. It would seem that President Obama's incompetent leadership is increasingly serving as a drag on his entire party which is doing a hash of a job in running the country.