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Crist in Jacksonville to Meet Senate Hopefuls, Tour Boeing Facility at Cecil Field

Gov. Charlie Crist is visiting Jacksonville today for a tour of the Boeing facility at Cecil Field. The aircraft maker has operated a repair and upgrade facility for military F-18 Hornets at the former military airfield for about a decade and employs about 200 people there.

Boeing is also in the process of moving additional F-18 repair operations to Cecil from Arizona, a move expected to bring an additional 50 or so jobs.

Following the tour, the governor has scheduled a meeting with State Rep. Jennifer Carroll.

Carroll is thought by some to be one of several people under consideration by Crist for a short relief stint in the U.S. Senate as Sen. Mel Martinez quits early. Martinez, a one-term Republican, has said he wants to step down early and will leave as soon as Crist names a replacement. Carroll, a Navy officer, is the only black Republican in the state Legislature. Crist also plans a meeting with University of North Florida president John Delaney while in Jacksonville, though officials in the governor’s office haven’t released the agenda for that meeting.

Delaney just finished a fill-in stint of his own, serving as interim university system chancellor from the time Mark Rosenberg stepped down until Frank Brogan was chosen.

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  1. While Governor Crist was patting Boeing employees on the back at Cecil Field yesterday, a very different story is going on in Mesa Arizona where the disgruntled employees who will lose their jobs when the operations move to Cecil Field and the trainees from FL are working under armed guard because the situation there is so hostile.
    Additionally, Boeing hired some of its new Cecil Field employees under false pretenses. Many relocated to FL only to find out that they'd be working in AZ for most of their first year with the company.
    Boeing has not been upfront with their new employees, nor have they provided them with adequate living facilities while in AZ. They have them stuck in small hotel rooms for months at a time where they cannot even cook a meal for themselves and then cut their food budget in half to make it more difficult to eat in restaurants. They supply one rental car per 4 or 5 employees making it difficult to get around to do even the simplest of things. These employees have homes, lives, families and cars in Florida where they were told they'd be living, NOT in AZ. They are allowed to come home for 7-10 days per month (Boeing chooses when they come and go) and that is not time off, they are working in Cecil Field during that time. Some of the new hires are Veterans with up to 30 years experience working on U.S. Navy planes, being paid paltry salaries by Boeing and treated terribly. SHAME ON BOEING! Perhaps Governor Crist needs to take a closer look here.