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Marco Rubio: National Review Says ‘Yes, He Can’

rubio-coverMarco Rubio scored a pretty major win in his underdog campaign for the U.S. Senate, landing on the cover of this week's issue of the National Review, a well-respected conservative newsmagazine.

Rubio certainly faces an uphill battle by running against a sitting Governor with proven fundraising muscle, but the article explains that Rubio won't actually have to match Crist dollar for dollar. The author correctly suggest that in a low-turnout Republican primary... anything can happen.

The article opens...

"Florida governor Charlie Crist is running for the Senate, and he isn’t supposed to lose -- let alone lose in the Republican primary. He enjoys a high approval rating, has a history of success among voters, and raises campaign cash with the intensity of a Category 5 hurricane. His main opponent in the GOP primary is Marco Rubio, a 38-year-old Miami native who quotes Snoop Dogg lyrics on his Twitter account. On paper, it looks like a mismatch between an unbeatable juggernaut and a doomed also-ran."

"Yet Crist may be vulnerable: He warmly embraced President Obama’s stimulus spending and is one of the most liberal politicians in the Republican firmament. Rubio is among the brightest young stars on the right. Their contest could become the sleeper race of 2010."

This national attention may help motivate groups like the Club for Growth to engage this primary race with some television advertising dollars.  Rubio's other secret weapon might be Jeb Bush, who speaks glowingly of him in several quotes.

The article in the Review also make reference to Rubio's use of new media tools like YouTube and Twitter, which he has employed with great success...

"Thanks to YouTube, Rubio’s farewell address last year probably has been seen by more viewers than any other speech in the history of the Florida statehouse. That may sound like faint praise, and Rubio’s clip doesn’t compete with web sensations such as Susan Boyle or Obama Girl. But he’s gone about as viral as any state legislator can hope to go without setting his pants on fire. More recently, he has taken advantage of Twitter. He comments on everything from the state of his campaign to how long it takes his wife to get ready for a night out."

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  1. Yes, HE CAN!!! Marco Rubio can and will beat Charlie Crist. This race is for the heart and soul of the Republican Party and conservative grassroots are on fire for Marco. The National Review article gets it right, this is a "conservative cause" and conservatives will not only go to the polls many will work their hearts out for Marco.

  2. With coverage like this, Rubio should see a dramatic spike in his fundraising. He still has some of Aug and all of September to leverage this kind of momentum, so there shouldn't be any excuses. If he is unable to take advantage of this exposure, and remains unable to garner any level of financial support then it'll be clear to everyone that his Campaign has no legitimate chance of winning.
    It’ll be interesting to see, only 6 weeks before we will all know if his campaign is on track or pretty much over.

  3. Go Marco! Wouldn't it be nice to have some "real" Republicans running again?

  4. Oh good, my respect for National Review drops one notch.

  5. Crist vowed that no coal plants would be built. He is against offshore drilling, which means he is for higher oil prices and fantasy fuels. When it comes to appointments, he is a bean counter in terms of making certain that he observes diversity instead of candidates' qualifications. Thank you, Mr. Rubio, for giving us an alternative to another RINO.

  6. We need a candidate who is strongly against amnesty rather than Crist who is pro-amnesty and Rubio who is amnesty light.

  7. Your Statements are incorrect!

    I think it is healthy when people engage in the process and are passionate about their candidate. However, if a supporter misrepresents the opposition's position it is either because they just don't know any better, or are intentionally trying to mislead others. I always like to give people the benefit of the doubt and assume that it is an honest mistake and that it won’t happen again. If it does, and is not supported with back up material, then unfortunately it is something deceitful.

    The following statements are facts and irrefutable:
    1. Gov Charlie Crist supports offshore drilling. In addition, Gov Crist responsibly supports clean coal plants such as the one being operated by JEA. He also supports Nuclear power as a long term strategy in becoming self sufficient.

    2. Gov Charlie Crist does not support amnesty. Gov Crist is on record supporting a RNC proposal that in no way included amnesty.

    3. Gov Charlie Crist was recently rated as the #1 most fiscally conservative Governor in the Nation by the Cato Institute.

    To learn more about the Cato Institute findings, I recommend you visit:

    In the summary of this study, the author states "Charlie Crist of Florida has trimmed the state budget and supported two large property-tax cuts since taking office last year."

    In fact, Gov Crist has cut State spending by $8 Billion since taking office!

    Hmmm….lower taxes, smaller government and more freedom….sounds like he lived up to his campaign promises and is something that other Republicans should try to aim for. Probably why he has the highest approval rating of any sitting US Governor at 70%, and is crushing everyone in the polls for the US Senate race. Go Charlie!

  8. I think it's healthy that people engage in the process and are passionate about their candidates too. Here are some facts:

    In 2006, A.G. Charlie Crist campaigned for gov. of Florida as a "Jeb Bush and Ronald Reagan Republican" but since his inaguration has governed like an Arnold Schwarzennegar Democrat.

    Charlie is not pro life, though he campaigns that way in every race.

    He's repeatedly stated he supports Embryonic Stem Cell Research which destroys defenseless human life though but does not work,but Adult stem Cells do and do not destoy human life. This one is a no brainer.

    While campaigning for governor in 2006, Charlie Crist stated that a 24 hour waiting period for an abortion would be "more harmful to the mother and the baby."

    As gov., Crist also endorsed the most liberal Presidential candidate running in the primary, John McCain, who among other things supports this indefensible immoral tax payer funded procedure. Crist endorsed him so that he would possibly be selected for the V.P. slot.

    Some other points of Gov. Crist's governing record included in the past 2.5 years:

    -Dismissed all (284) but one of "the best governor in the country" appointments during his first week in office - Check

    -Restoration of Convicted Felons Civil Rights - Check (RCR restored voting rights to hundreds of thousands of Democrats) and against the counsel of the sitting Republican A.G. Bill MCCollum, who called his actions "wreckless", yes, "CHAIN GANG Charlie" did - Check

    -Socialized State Home Owner's Insurance w/ Citizens and left us flimsy highly leveraged companies to "protect" Florida homeowners - check

    -Expanded GAMBLING more than any other person in office in Florida and then was sued for bypassing the Florida Legislature resulting in a rebuke in an opinion by the Florida Supreme Court - Check

    -Refused to appoint nominees for the Judicial bench submitted by his hand picked J.N.C. - check

    -Was sued by a judge waiting for his replacement to retire for over 6 months while Charlie played political football-Check

    -Appointed liberals and Democrats (Judge Perry) to the courts including the Florida Supreme Court, tilting that court to the left for years to come-check

    -Campaigned for V.P. for a year and a half instead of governing Florida - check

    -Abandoned his efforts for the Republican Presidential nominee in Florida when Crist was not selected as McCain's VP resulting in Florida falling to the Democrats for the first time in years ( '96)- check

    -Gov Crist expanded voting hours in Florida during a Presidential election resulting in increased Democrats voting at the rate of of 5,000 per hour-check

    -Went to the Clinton Global Initiative with Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Brad Pitt and Arnold Schwarzennegar in New York to promote the false politically correct issue of Global Warming-check

    -Most absent from the E.O.G. than any governor in Florida ever-Check

    -Did not drive public policy as the governor of Florida - Check

    -Though every Republican in Congress from the state of Florida rejected Pres. Obama's 787 billion dollar "stimulus" plan, Gov. Crist actively promoted and embraced it with Photo OPs - Check

    --Spent about $500,000 taking a trip to Europe for 10 days staying in rooms over a $1000. a night during a nationwide recession - Check

    -Promotes Cap and Trade mandates on energy which would not produce effective results for Global Warming but would harm small businesses and FL consumers, and would raise the taxes on the average family of approximately $3000 per year - Check

    In the American Spectator Gov. Crist was recently listed as 1 of 2 Southern Republican governors who support cap and trade mandates along with (judgement impaired) governor, Mark Sandford.

    Gov Crist poll numbers are not 70% now, and in a match up between those who know both Senate candidates- Rubio and Crist, they are in a dead heat with Crist 33-31 over Rubio, within the margin of error.

    In the latest poll Crist went down again and Marco Rubio went up 9 points. In the spring it was Crist over Rubio 79-3 but Crist has gone down in every single poll since then. The numbers are now at 53-31% and with a year to go til the election.

    The actual trend is that Gov.Crist is losing ground and Marco Rubio is gaining.

  9. Dear Gipp-tress,

    Thank you for taking the time to respond with such a seemingly thoughtful retort. Unfortunately, many of your statements are factually incorrect, intentionally misleading and/or sadly subjective. You probably could have saved time and the integrity of your argument by simply saying “I don’t like Charlie!”

    Fortunately, if your summary serves as the talking points for Rubio’s Senate Campaign, this Primary will be over much earlier than anyone had planned. Therefore, in response I would like to address all these issues, but would like to make one point that very clear. You are clearly well informed and engaged in the Rubio Campaign, and you did not push back on my factual claims that Gov Crist supports offshore drilling and has never supported amnesty. Therefore, your response should be seen as us having collectively agreed that these are true.

    With that said, let’s address some of your “points”:

    Governor Crist is absolutely 100% pro-life and pro-family. There has never been one piece of legislation that the Gov has ever supported that can contradict this statement. In fact, as Governor pro-life policies that he can affect have thrived. For example, the last two years of adoptions through State of Florida Family Services have set all time records, crushing any numbers that have ever been seen before. This is directly due to his focus and policies such as financial support for families and free tuition at state colleges and universities.

    You have made a very bold statement about Gov Crist “repeatedly” making statements in support of Embryonic Stem Cell Research. Therefore, you should not have any problem posting a link to a creditable news source verifying this statement. Please do so, otherwise we will all assume that this is not correct and this is not his policy.

    As for Gov Crist’s endorsement of Sen McCain’s presidency you have shown your lack of understanding and background on this issue, as well as being out of touch with the majority of the Republican Party. Sen McCain came to Florida several times to campaign for Crist when he was running for Governor. There has been a long standing friendship and respect between these two men. His support was not a “deal” to try and get a VP nomination. In addition, you can call Sen McCain a “liberal” but he was the Republican nominee. Therefore, he may not have been someone that you supported, but the majority of other Republicans did. A democracy is more about what the majority wants and not just you.

    Okay everyone pay attention because now it gets really fun!

    Gov Crist did ask for the resignations of all gubernatorial appointments upon being elected Governor. So did Gov Bush! This is a tradition and an expected practice.

    Citizens insurance was established by the Legislature under Gov Bush and insurance Commissioner Tom Gallagher. Gov Crist didn’t establish Citizens.

    There has been absolutely no “expansion” of GAMBLING due to the Governor’s policies. Some local county commissions (like St John’s) have expanded gambling, but this is not a state issue. There has been no change!

    Now let’s talk about Judge Perry, since you brought him up. Judge Perry was first appointed to the bench by Gov Bush. If he wasn’t qualified to sit on the bench, then why did Jeb appoint him.? Furthermore, please post any link to a specific liberal judicial decision that he has made. Otherwise, your statement is misleading.

    As for Sen McCain, this accusation clearly demonstrates that you are too emotional and not grounding your arguments in facts. Gov Crist endorsed Sen McCain on the eve of the Jan ’08 Florida Primary. The election was held 10 months later. In addition, you say that Gov Crist abandoned Sen. McCain sometime in July when McCain picked Gov Palin. Therefore, even if you were right, Gov Crist activities would have been limited to several months, as opposed to a year in a half. However, I challenge you to show me how Gov Crist “abandoned” Sen McCain after he picked Gov Palin. The RPOF spent millions of dollars in support of Sen McCain. Gov Crist raised the majority of this money! He continued to attend rally’s and openly support Sen McCain. You are wrong on this issue!

    Gov Crist did agree to expand polling hours. I wish he hadn’t, but if we hadn’t had such a ridiculous fiasco of voting issues under previous administrations, it would have been much easier to push back. However, keeping in mind that you claim Democrats were voting at a rate of 5,000 per hour (apparently no Republicans were voting…..but oh yeah that would take away from your argument I suppose?). Sen Obama won the state by hundreds of thousands of votes and therefore this unfortunately wouldn’t have made any difference. In addition, some number of those folks would still have voted and even if they were “in line” at the time polls close, they are by law given the right to cast their vote.

    Next, Gov Crist’s “support” of Obama’s plan is a tired old drum beat that won’t hold water. Gov Crist took the same level of stimulus as did Gov Jindel and Gov Sanford. They loved standing on the soap box telling everyone how wrong it was, but at the end of the day Gov Crist drew a hard line in the sand on many aspects of the plan that would have negatively affected Floridians (such as Department of Education and extension of unemployment issues). Any assertion that Gov Crist somehow swayed critical votes in Congress in order to help pass this legislation is a joke. Please tell me the names of those legislators that changed their mind and voted in support of this measure as a result of Gov Crist.

    I love the “trip to Europe” line. You make it sound like he took a lavish trip for his honeymoon. This was a trade mission, not unlike Gov Bush, or any large State Governor would traditionally take. In all cases, there are rooms that are used for meeting purposes (suites, etc) and several members of the administration, economic development and business communities participate. In addition, your timing isn’t even right. That trip happened earlier in 2008 before the economy tanked. This is another desperate attempt to smear Gov Crist with misleading information. Thank goodness he is out there helping promote Florida and bring jobs and a stronger tax base back to us.

    I am very interested in your assertion that Gov Crist is in support of Cap and Trade. Please send a link that establishes his position on this issue. You will not be able to, because he does not! You may be referring to a Cap and Trade bill that was passed by the Florida legislature last year, under Speaker Rubio’s leadership.

    As for other misc statements, like not pushing policy and being absent from office, these are subjective and transparent arguments from a desperate Campaign. Judge the man on his results. He reduced State spending by $8 Billion dollars, initiated the largest tax break in history for Floridians, has a strong pro-life/pro-family efforts and is “The most Fiscally Conservative Governor” in the Nation (as reported by the Cato Institute).

    With all of that said, I do agree with you that Gov Crist’s approval rating is not 70%....it’s 68%. Sorry about that, but 68% is still the highest job approval rating in the entire nation for any sitting Governor, and most likely the highest in Florida history for this point in his first term. Finally, what kind of poll results are you reading? Yes it is true that Rubio’s numbers have improved. From “DOA” to “no chance”. Please check on this very website for most polls that have been taken. Gov Crist’s numbers have continued to remain very strong and usually above 55% in this primary. In addition, Gov Crist is a guaranteed win against Meeks, where Rubio most likely leads to the Republican’s losing this Senate seat. Rubio’s problem is that he can’t even raise enough money to buy business cards and hand them out.

    I appreciate your enthusiasm for this candidate, but I don’t think misleading, emotionally charged and unsubstantiated claims will help.


  10. My response was seemingly thoughtful? Thank you. No, it was factual, you see him through rose colored glasses I see it as a Republican and someone who know spublic policy and has been observing him since 2002.

    So, Gov Crist's knows more than all the Republican Congressman from Florida collectively when he embraced the disastrous "stimulus plan?" Photo OPs and all. The 1 time money money plugged a whole in the state budget for a year or just for enough time for him to slip out. That is not a recurring source of funding and it's completely imprudent. I'd bet he never read the bill.

    nd Sayfie Review just published a State Newspaper blog stating Crist 's repeated support of Emryonic Stem Cell Research, w/in the last 48 hours. But I will let you do your own homeowrk. You too can google these facts since you have so much time to write. Crist has stated that support repeatedly. Even when he ran in '06 for governor.

    Embryonic Stem Cell research is in fact the wholsale destructuion of human life on a much larger scale than abortion. Has Crist signed a bill? No, as it would never get by the FL House. Would he? Absolutely, because for him political correctness/populism even tops reality. ESCR does not work nor will Cap and Trade lower the temperatures for Global Warming.

    Additionally you are wrong about Marco Rubio not beating Meek, and it is by 13 points this week (double digits) according to Rasmussen below:

    NOTE: "But the African-American congressman from the North Miami area doesn’t fare much better when pitted against the other prominent Republican seeking his party’s Senate nomination, Marco Rubio. The former state House Speaker DEFEATS Meek 43% to 30%, with eight percent (8%) opting for some other candidate and 19% undecided."


    Keep drinking the koolaid there Dogwood. -Check

    Here's your other new link for Cap and Trade = Charlie

    as you requested


    When Governors Associate
    By Paul Chesser on 8.19.09 @ 6:08AM

    It's the last frontier among the states for global warm-mongers to conquer: Dixie.

    While everyone else pays attention to the American Clean Energy and Security Act (also known as the Waxman-Markey cap-and-trade bill)

    Also on board are Republicans CHARLIE CRIST in Florida and Mark Sanford in South Carolina. Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine, a Democrat, created a climate commission without using CCS.

  11. Dogwood

    Pick either article below to read in the links

    And there are many others including the one I read with in the past 2 days in the state media. Though you accused me of embellishing or misrepresenting the facts in your post today, you are the one uneducated about these positions of Gov Crist's.




    "Crist told reporters he still supports embryonic stem cell research but said his concessions were made in the face of the political reality of the Florida Legislature. Among those who would have opposed a broader bill was Rubio."

  12. Dear Gipptress,

    This is really too easy, but still very fun. So out of the 20+ “points” that you levied against Gov Crist, you are willing to submit that you are unable to back them up, except for seemingly “documented” cases regarding the Stimulus package, Stem cell research, “cap and trade” and that Rubio is losing badly in the polls but not too badly. So let’s discuss how horribly misleading these statements are……(please I beg everyone to check out these links as Gipptress has cut and pasted her text in some quotes in order to intentionally mislead you!)

    First, Stimulus:
    As you haven’t named a single person that Gov Crist influenced or lobbied to change their vote, it seems that you are most upset about a “photo op” Of course, you are referring to a presidential visit, by then newly elected President Obama to St Pete. There, Gov Crist joined our President (it’s hard for me to say, but he is our President) on stage. Therefore, if you are suggesting that our Governor should “boycott” a Presidential visit then that is ludicrous,. I beg you please, tell me how he affected he debate, based on anything the Governor said or did give me a solitary congressman that voted for this package. Give it up, tired old rhetoric and just a bunch of noise.

    Second, Stem Cell Research:
    As for embryonic cell research, I did google it… and you are wrong. Please I would encourage everyone to google “Crist and stem cell research”. Among many articles you will see the following, and you will see that The Gipptress is wrong and intentionally trying to mislead you!

    Tallahassee, FL (LifeNews.com) -- Florida Gov. Charlie Crist announced on Wednesday that he favors funding stem cell research with state funds but only wants public money to be used on adult stem cells. He doesn't want to force taxpayers to fund embryonic stem cell research because it involves the destruction of human life.

    Posted on Wed, Jan. 31, 2007
    Crist: Pay for stem cell studies, but not new embryonic research
    Associated Press
    TALLAHASSEE, Fla. - Gov. Charlie Crist said Wednesday he will recommend that lawmakers spend state money for stem cell research, but only research that doesn't require the destruction of embryos. Crist said he would recommend spending $20 million for a grant program to pay for studies that use cells culled from adults, umbilical cord blood and amniotic fluid donated by pregnant women.
    But he won't recommend paying for the most controversial - and many say most promising - type of research on embryonic stem cells.

    In the second post the Gipptress references other articles to illustrate this position. These articles were written over three years ago. Technology has had made great strides in the use of adult stem cells such as umbilical cord blood. The Governor clearly stated two years ago that he would not pursue embryonic stem cell research and advances have now provided us with better alternatives. He does not support embryonic stem cell research.

    Thirdly, Cap and Trade:
    I CAN’T BELIEVE THAT YOU EDITED THE QUOTE! Wow, unbelievable. You removed 9 paragraphs in what you tried to pass off as a continuous quote in an effort to mislead readers. I’m pretty sure that it was in 6th grade English that I learned to put a row of periods in between words when you remove some. It looks like this……………
    The part that mentioned Gov Crist has nothing whatsoever to do with Waxman-Markey cap and trade bill. The author is referring to the fact that some States have adopted laws. Laws, which by the way did have to be passed by the state legislature. Desperate, desperate, desperate move to butcher quotes like that.

    Finally, Polls:
    So if I understand this correctly you want to cling to the fact that Rubio is losing really really badly but not getting totally crushed in the polls. Below is the link to an Aug 19th Quinnipiac poll that clearly shows no movement for Rubio in the polls over the last 70 days. With no money, no momentum, no organization and no compelling story these numbers will simply not change

    Gov. Charlie Crist leads former state House Speaker Marco Rubio 55 - 26 percent for the Republican nomination for the U.S. Senate, compared to 54 - 23 percent margin June 10.

    Finally, for all those that are reading this exchange, not that I have spent great time to clearly state the facts behind Gov Crist’s record. However, in return I have not read one statement about Rubio’s platform. So if anyone that doesn’t like Gov Crist needs someone else to vote for, I guess “the other guy” gets that vote.

  13. #1 I am not on trial Dogwood therefore we'll let the Florida voters decide who is spinning the facts here. I am not going to sit here and respond tit for tat to your spin but maybe if you are in the REC you can count the votes for the governor when that comes up in Duval and see who is on the short end of a straw poll. The quote in the Family Policy Council article and the other from the Florida Baptist Witness is a direct quote from the governor sayin he supports it. I never said he signed a bill now you move the goal posts from your original request which was to show somewhere in a link he supports it he does and that is a fact. You are not the arbitraitor of truth, & Gov Crist's actions speak louder than words in all the things I mentioned above.

    I prefer a true Republican LEADER such as Gov . Jeb Bush, not a "Republican" in the mold of Olympia Snowe or Arlen Spector or Arnold Scwartzwennegar. Charlie is a moderate and there is no getting away from that.

    He is another place it is mentioned.


    And here is another note from Kathryn Jean Lopez an Editor of National Review

    on Cap and Trade.

    Good luck convicning the grassroots in Jacksonville about your candidate, particularly the Republican Women.


    I can't wait until the first debate, if the governor ever decides to show up in the same forum as Marco, so far he haas dodged that too, and you have to wonder why. I don't.

  14. In order to attack Gov Crist, exaggerations, disingenuous statements and edited quotes have been used to mislead readers, confuse his record and impugn his character. In his defense, every retort and claim that was made was truthful and backed up with facts and links to creditable sources.

    I have enjoyed this back and forth, and the opportunity to clarify Gov Crist’s positions on these issues. The people will decide and they will be able to judge these men on their records, not the rhetoric.

    Good day

  15. No one is "attacking Crist" merely pointing out that he is in fact a moderate.
    "The People's governor" is not a conservative - plain and simple, nor does hie embrace the core fundamentals of the Republican Party. But I will give him this, he gets an A Plus plus for his political acumen, unfortunately as we have seen with Pres. Obama eventually this catches up with you.

    Principle, character and substance always triumph over form in the end.

  16. P.S. additionally you posted this Dogwood:

    "Thirdly, Cap and Trade:

    Wow, unbelievable. You removed 9 paragraphs in what you tried to pass off as a continuous quote in an effort to mislead readers. I’m pretty sure that it was in 6th grade English that I learned to put a row of periods in between words when you remove some. It looks like this……………"

    Hey Dogwood, that post was written from Kathryn Jean Lopez from NRO, NOT me, get a grip. You posted " I removed. " I did not remove anything. I posted a piece directly from their website in a link. You're either inept or a fibber. And the women knows the issues. Kathryn Jean Lopez is an Editor of National Review, a national columinst and source of Republican political commentary which Preisdent Ronald Reagan read daily.

    KJL is one of the most respected conseravtive Republican journalists in the country.

    • Actually the "periods" are called "ellipses" and there are only three of them "..."

    • "KJL is one of the most respected conseravtive Republican journalists in the country."

      Funny I never heard of her.

      I am still waiting to hear the latest list of Rubios "accomplishment"

  17. Gipp-tress,

    Sorry, I really do feel as if this discussion is over.

    However, your last post is disappointing. You posted a link, and you posted a quote. The quote you posted reflected the first two paragraphs of the link and then skipped 9 paragraphs before closing with the third paragraph. You did not post a link to Kathryn Jean Lopez (whoever that is). If your excuse is that she butchered this quote in order to intentionally mislead the public, and then you incorrectly listed the link to the original article, then at least own up to that.

    This is old, tired and transparent. At least apologize for being sloppy and not posting the correct link to your quote. They clearly don’t match, and the intent was to butcher the truth. Anyone that is interested (they’re probably not many by now) should look at the Spectator.com link that you have above and see how your post is intellectually dishonest and misleading. Desperate!