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Lou Rose: How To Overthrow The Government

rose-editorialI think that it is way past time that we overthrew the government that is currently in power, and put in some decent, honest folks that know what’s important and what’s not. While it is not the easiest thing in the world to overthrow the government, it is possible, and best of all there is a system already in place to help us do it. Here in Florida it is called the “precinct system.”

Some of you may know that old proverb that begins “For want of a nail, the shoe was lost,” and so on, until we discover that for want a nail the whole kingdom has been lost. The fact is that for want of a precinct, the whole country has been lost, but we can still take it back. So how are we to overthrow the government? At the federal level the action must come from the several states. I am not talking about secession, but rather the individual actions of the states to reassert their sovereignty, to tell the federal government to back off. The recent slew of tenth amendment memorials that have been passed are a good first step.

The states must begin to control the flow of its tax money to the federal government, and must refuse any and all money offered by it. The states must also regain control of their own state guards. These military units should never be activated without the express permission of the governor or an act of the state legislature. Our state legislature can reaffirm this provision of the Second Amendment and reconstitute the state guard. In order to accomplish these things, the citizens must regain control of our state legislature, our renegade congressmen, and our senators by controlling the process by which candidates are selected and elected. This takes place in the local precincts, and executive committees.

Our state is broken up into districts, congressional, house, senate, council and school districts. All of these districts are composed of precincts of several hundred households. If the voters in a precinct organize, they have tremendous political power. This is where town meetings should occur if they are to be of any use at all. A town meeting is not a just a place for getting information and giving feedback, it is a place for making decisions and giving orders! If a precinct can agree to vote in a bloc they can be a deciding factor in City Council, School Board, even mayoral elections, and will be able to demand a fair share of city resources for their neighborhood. They will be able to control who is elected to the local political executive committees, Republican and Democratic, and ensure that person actually represents their opinions for a change. It is essential to recognize that local executive committees do not merely ensure that their party’s candidate gets elected, but are also supposed to determine who the preferred party candidate will be. If the local precincts form district coalitions they can also influence the result of state and congressional elections. Then their congressmen and state legislators will begin to pay attention to them.

We have a representative form of government. Representatives who don’t represent their constituency should be afraid to walk the streets. Why don’t they care about you? Aside from taking other people’s money with both hands, they know that you are not organized, that you are at home watching the TV, drinking a beer and eating that fourth slice of pizza. Get up! They are stealing your country this time! They are loading it into a van and driving away. Organize your neighborhood, Do it for a political party if you must, but before that do it for yourself, your friends, neighbors, and family. Elect those who actually represent your interests and make sure that those who don’t regret it for the rest of their lives. Commit to overthrow the government today.

(Louis William Rose is a political philosopher and the parliamentarian of the Republican Liberty Caucus of Northeast Florida.)

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    • I think you would be hard pressed to pull that off, my friend. But as the federal government is mired in its own fiscal excesses, there is an opportunity to decentralize power and render the federal government irrelevant in those area where it should never have been in the first place.

    • You "win" nothing, change nothing, if you see yourself as a loser to begin with. There is nothing more negative, no "No!" stronger than the one you give yourself. And that is not some "happy, fruitcake Post-modern New Age nonsense." It's the simple Reality of being human.
      Larry's approach is the worst of all. "... been tried - failed." I guess Larry literally doesn't ride a bike - he fell the first time and said to himself "been tried - failed." A failure, esp. at a DISTANT time, under completely circumstances, is simply irrelevant NOW.
      The Central gov't. is not only "falling apart," it is literally DANGEROUS and CRIMINAL. It is time to go.

  1. Let's see. If I've got it right, this would mean that Jacksonville would tell the Navy to clear out of Mayport and NAS Jax. We only want a Florida militia there. We'll tell the DOT to quit maintaining the Interstate Highway System - it was built with tainted "federal" money. Tear up the concrete, and tear down those two Interstate bridges across the St. Johns River. The Federal Aviation Administration should drop Jacksonville International Airport from the national air-traffic system, and close down that federally-operated ATC facility out in Hilliard, while they're at it. All that money that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has spent creating a ship channel so that we can have a seaport? Give it back, and let the channel silt-in. We'll find some other way to engage in international commerce around here. And another thing, Corps of Engineers - quit trying to stabilize our beaches and shores! We like 'em eroding just the way they are.

    And so on.

    • Actually I prefer to be poor and free, than a slave in silks and jewels.

      But aside from military bases which are a necessary and reasonable exercise of federal power, all the rest that you mention was paid for with your money, taken by federal government and given back. after they waste a good portion of it. We could accomplish all that and more if our taxes were kept in the state of Florida and managed by our legislature.

      International business is best managed by international entrepreneurs. As an aside, the coastline could well do without the Corp of Engineers, as local experts in coastline management will tell you. It is up to us to adapt to the forces of nature that control the coastline, other plans are prohibitively costly and ultimately futile.

      But I prefer that all the decisions that can be locally, are made locally, and when that is impractical, that those decision are made at the state level by our own legislature, where they may be changed if conditions require it, and the citizens demand it.

      • I'm not for secession (been tried - failed), but I am for less federal government intervention into our lives.

        What we need to do is first slow down, then completely stop, then reverse, the trend of growth of the federal government. Let the feds handle things the Constitution says they should (e.g., national defense, currency, post office), and get them out of everything else.

        Unfortunately the feds use the "commerce" clause to justify just about everything they get their sticky, greedy fingers into. We need to take back, pare down and control our federal government.

        We especially don't want those incompetents running our health care system!

  2. "and put in some decent, honest folks that know what’s important and what’s not."

    Good luck with that.

    EVERYBODY has an agenda, and nobody's agenda will ever exactly match your own. And what's important and what's not isn't something that can be locally agreed upon. With a family of six, I can tell you that's impossible in my own family.

    And then there's the whole issue that if the current system doesn't get changed drastically, we'll end up with the same kind of lot that we had before, despite how they started out as. It currently takes too much money to run at the state level, let alone the national level, and probably even the local level now. Paybacks will be made, one way or another. The only way to vote anymore is to vote for or against those people that are financing the candidates.

  3. "And put in some decent, honest folks that know what’s important and what’s not.”"

    It's called thinly veiled sarcasm, Mr. Price. As for everyone's agenda, the only solution I have found is parliamentary procedure, which gives everyone a fair chance to make their point and work out a compromise.

    And if we are going to talk about payback, it is well to note that Jefferson was not the only one to speak of watering the tree of liberty with the blood of patriots and tyrants (what fun). No he was not alone in that opinion, and it is of course not a matter of if, but when. I am sure that Louis the XVI was just as bewildered as Hitler in his bunker when the end came. They never think it is going to happen to them. We see their smug faces, their self-confidence, their belief that they can trample on any right, tell any lie, circumvent any principle, because they are the children of privilege, and we are the great unwashed. But their end comes with the clap of thunder and great deluge that washes them away like the filth from the streets.

  4. Great Editorial Louis as usual. You not only commented on the problem but also came up with a possible solution if we are willing to commit to action. Thanks for your work!

  5. we no longer have a government to overthrow. what we have now is a criminal enterprise masquerading as a government. in the past year this criminal enterprise has stolen well over 10 trillion dollars from us. but because they care about us so much, they are going to let us pay it back. thanks to the dumming down of the people by the educational? system the ballot box is nothing more than an exercise of mental masturbation. the only way out of the mess we have gotten ourselves into will be a military coup. lets face it, people who are living through the courtesy of the taxpayer will always vote themselves a raise. these pedigreed gangsters posing as politicians have been selling cotton candy for a long time. now the nation is sick.