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Hollywood Exclusive: Ask Stacy

hollywoodexclusiveDEAR STACY: Any chance Gabrielle Union will return to "Ugly Betty"? She was amazing as Wilhelmina's (Vanessa Williams) psycho sister a couple seasons ago. — Stephanie H., Bronx, N.Y.

DEAR STEPHANIE: Not likely, although, as Union herself told me, "I didn't die, so it's possible I could return." She said she would love to play the unbalanced Renee again, "but they have so many storylines going, I don't know. I would want to come back and do something equally as fabulous as I did before when I burned down Daniel's (Eric Mabius) apartment." Meanwhile, she's busy with ABC's forthcoming "Flash Forward" ensemble series. She is playing the recurring role of an attorney in the drama in which everyone on earth blacks out simultaneously and is given a glimpse of their future.


DEAR STACY: I just saw "The Answer Man" and it reminded me how much I adore Lauren Graham. I know she is not married, but has she ever been? Also, what is her age and where is she from? — Eva G., Redondo Beach, Calif.

DEAR EVA: Honolulu-born Graham, 42, has never married. She grew up in Virginia, near Washington, D.C., where she was raised by her father, a congressional staffer and a lobbyist for the candy industry, after her parents divorced when she was 5.


DEAR STACY: On "Drop Dead Diva," I think the actress who plays Deb/Jane's best friend Stacy, (even though she is a blond), is the same girl who used to play Jon Cryer's girlfriend on "Two and A Half Men." Am I right? — G.N., Brooklyn, N.Y.

DEAR G.N.: You are. The naturally red-haired April Bowlby did indeed play ditzy Kandi on "Men."


DEAR STACY: Can you please give an update on Kellie Martin of "Life Goes On" and "ER" fame? — Jenna W., Canton, Ohio

DEAR JENNA: Expect to see Martin early in the new season of "Private Practice" in a guest star role. She did "Grey's Anatomy" and "Ghost Whisperer" turns this past season. Most of her work this decade has been in TV movies, including her 11 "Mystery Woman" telefilms for Hallmark. She and her husband of 10 years, Keith Christian, have a 2-year-old daughter, Margaret.


DEAR STACY: Will "My Name is Earl" be coming back? I read that there was a chance a different network would pick up the show after NBC cancelled it. — Nick B., Brooklyn, N.Y.

DEAR NICK: Twentieth Century Fox TV was close to making a deal with TBS to continue "Earl," but acknowledged this past June that it hadn't worked out. So despite the "to be continued" tag on the final episode of the Emmy-winning, four-year-old show, it's over.


DEAR STACY: Outside of dating his pretty co-star (Frieda Pinto), please tell me what is coming up for that appealing star of "Slumdog Millionaire," Dev Patel? — Michelle P. Albany, N.Y.

DEAR MICHELLE: The 19-year-old actor/martial artist completed production on M. Night Shyamalan's "The Last Airbender" earlier this summer, playing the role of Zuko. The much-talked-about adaptation of the Nickelodeon cartoon series is expected to hit screens in July 2010.


DEAR STACY: Whatever became of actor Tim McIntire, the son of Jeanette Nolan? He was in "Brubaker" and other movies. — Anne N., Torrance, Chattanooga, Tenn.

DEAR ANNE: McIntire passed away at age 41 in 1986 due to congestive heart failure.

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