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New Poll: Obama Popularity Falls to New Low in Florida

For the first time since he took office with the help of Florida’s 27 electoral votes, more Floridians disapprove of President Barack Obama’s job performance than approve, the second half of Connecticut-based Quinnipiac University's latest poll showed Thursday.

Forty-seven percent of the 1,136 Florida voters surveyed by the poll said they approved of Obama’s handling of his job, but 48 percent said they did not. The number represents a sharp drop from the last Quinnipiac survey of the state for Obama, who was the first Democratic presidential candidate to win Florida in 12 years.

In that June poll, Obama had a 58 percent to 38 percent approval rating. The new poll found more Floridians hold Obama in a favorable light than approve of the job he’s doing. The poll found 51 percent of Florida voters rated Obama favorable to 44 percent unfavorable.

But Quinnipiac University Polling Institute assistant director Peter Brown said Florida was the first of three swing states that the university polls to show a higher disapproval rating for Obama since he took office.

“Although he still gets a 51 – 44 percent favorability rating, that’s down from 62 – 32 percent in June and the President’s 47 – 48 percent thumbs down verdict on his job performance makes Florida the first state in which a Quinnipiac University survey shows his job approval is underwater, even if his nose is right at the surface,” Brown said in a statement. “This is also the first time that President Obama’s approval rating has fallen below the 51 percent of the popular vote that he won in Florida.”

In addition to measuring public opinion in its safely Democratic home state of Connecticut, Quinnipiac conducts surveys in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Florida.

Possible good news in the poll for Obama was that 55 percent of respondents said he was doing “about what they expected” as president, compared to 17 percent who said he doing better and 26 percent said he was doing worse.

The picture in the QPoll looked significantly worse for what Obama has called his top legislative priority: health care reform. Fifty-five percent of the respondents approved of protests against the reform effort. U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi labeled protestors “un-American,” but 79 percent of the respondents rejected that claim.

Additionally, by a 59 – 37 percent margin, voters disapproved of increasing the federal deficit to reform health care and 71 percent did not think Obama could fulfill his promise to reform the system without increasing the national debt.

“At least in Florida, the protests against the proposed health care overhaul that have been surfacing at town meetings held by members of Congress have struck a chord with the public,” Brown said. “Voters approve of the demonstrations and they overwhelmingly disagree with the view expressed by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi that these protests are un-American. There is a partisan split on approval of the protests, as Democrats disapprove 61 – 29 percent. But on whether they are un-American, even Democrats don’t think so, 67 – 25 percent.”

The poll also found that 62 percent opposed national Democrats passing a health care bill without Republican help, an idea which has been floated recently by national strategists. But 58 percent said they favored creating a government health care plan, a type of so-called “public option” that has been controversial.

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  1. So 47% of Floridians still think a left-wing "community organizer" and part-time legislator can handle the Presidency? Wonderful. Bet if they polled the 1,136 on how the oil was changed in their car or their last trip to the Doctor, they would have an opinion with only the slightest idea of what went on. Ah well........

  2. The power elite are also in the business of creating illusions. They use their politicians and the mass media to try to create a perception of reality they would like us to see. The illusions they create are elaborate, complicated, well designed, well executed and likely expensive, but they are illusions nonetheless. The difference between the illusions the power elite create and those of Criss Angel is that Mr. Angel creates his illusions strictly for entertainment purposes, the power elite are creating theirs so that they can control mass consciousness and hence make it easier to control the population in general. The problem for them is that many people are beginning to realize exactly what's been happening.

    One of the ways to create a good illusion is to get the audience to look over there while something is happening over here. Another is to keep things hidden and produce them when you want them seen. Still another way is to make the audience believe something isn't what it appears to be, or that something is what it doesn't appear to be. Or any combination of these things can help produce a good illusion. Of course, if the audience looks where the action is and detects the slight of hand, or if they see the hidden element before it is produced, or if they are not convinced that something is or is not something else, then the illusion is ruined.

    I really don't believe that any of this theater is about health care. It seems to me that it's about control. It's about power. It's about making everyone dependent upon government and so ensnaring them in a trap that makes the common class slavish to the power elite political class. As long as the illusions that politicians care are maintained, than they can manipulate the masses, divert attention away from their previous follies and create conflict amongst different groups that they define. People are beginning to see through their illusions, however. They are catching glimpses of the hidden. The old tricks that were at one time so effective at mesmerizing aren't working as well as they once did. People are beginning to walk away from the shell game the politicians and the power elite are playing. They are spotting the slight of hand. The masses want their independence, their power, and their money back. No illusion, no matter how well thought out, elaborate or expensive, will change that.
    For the full story go to The American Chronicle or infowars website or: http://www.americanchronicle.com/articles/view/115191