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Tea Party Unhappy with Quiggle’s Use of Video

Apparently organizers of the First Coast Tea Party are not happy about State Senate candidate Dan Quiggle's use of footage from the group's event in his first television ad.

In the spot, footage of Quiggle speaking and interacting with the crowd at the Jacksonville Landing is used to highlight the candidate's appeal to the type of "freedom-minded" conservatives that helped create the Tea Party movement.

Tea Party organizers sent the Quiggle campaign a strongly worded letter that demanded he cease use of the Tea Party footage in his campaign. Further, the group has posted an announcement (without specifically naming Quiggle) on their website.

The announcement reads as follows...

It has been brought to our attention that a candidate running for the State Senate has used First Coast Tea Party images in a television commercial. This is an unauthorized use of our brand and we want to clarify that we do not support or endorse any political candidates. That is a choice for each patriot to make on their own once they have researched the issues. Our movement is about issues – not people or political figures.

The First Coast Tea Party truly is a grassroots organization of concerned citizens who are fed up with out of control spending of our tax dollars, intrusive government and the decay of moral leadership in our country. What we know is this:

We will not sit by and let others steal the tea party movement for political gain or demonize us by stating we support certain political parties or that we are part of a specific party.

We will not invite any candidate running for office to appear on our stage unless it is in front of a candidates’ forum where all are invited to share their views. We will control the forum – not them.

We will protect our images so they will not be misused for political gain.

“We the People” of the First Coast Tea Party are willing to stand up to anyone or anything that discredits our message and impacts our freedoms.

If you are sick and tired of the same old politics that have run our lives for way too long, we encourage you to make reservations to join us in Washington DC on September 12th. We’ll be sipping tea and waving our signs on the steps of the Capitol. It’s time politicians across our beautiful country recognize who is really in charge and that would be — “We the People!”

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  1. I can't say I blame them.

  2. If it's Dan's footage, or that of a private entity, he has every right to use the footage. Goes to show the Tea Party is wacked. Dan is the anti tax guy and Tea Baggers are all about libertarian views. Looks like Tea Party is into control, just like all the rest.

    • Sorry Rockett, but you could not be more wrong. If the Tea Party movement is nothing else, it IS a-political in nature (full disclosure--I am one of those so-called "Tea Baggers").

      The Tea Party is not Republican, not Democrat, not Libertarian, not Green Party...not any political party although we are made up of individuals from all of the above.

      As for the Tea Party being "wacked", you are entitled to your opinion, no matter how misguided it is. Apparently, what is now happening in our great nation (for which the Tea Parties sprang up to oppose) has been lost on you.

      Our elected leaders no longer represent the people they were elected to represent. They treat all of us (including you) as if we are morons incapable of understanding that they are peeing on our shoes and making us believe it's raining. If you don't see that as a problem, that's ok. But, it most definitely IS a problem...one that needs to be fixed. So, if you're not going to be part of the solution to fix it, get out of the way and let those who recognize the problem deal with it.

      • You missed the point (case for Tea Baggers being wacked #2). Taking photographs at an event in a public venue and using them in advertising is common place and completely legal. There is no association with Tea Party in his ad. If you think its illegal, file a complaint with the Elections Commission. But, what the hell, if Tea Baggers don't want Quiggle, that's cool. We don't want him either.

  3. I knew Quiggle would take unfair advantage of the Tea Party when I saw Quiggle campaign material all over the Landing during the First Tea Party. He is not what we need in Tallahassee because he will never be able to get things done for North Florida.

    • How is using footage of him speaking taking advantage of anything? People can view his words, and take them or leave them, And you are right GOP, we need to elect a lobbyist who supports Alex Sink for Governor to the State Senate. I'm sure the wonderful tandem of Thrasher and Sink will really get things done for North Florida!

  4. He's starting to aggravate people with his self-promotion - press release from Flagler County:

    Election Stunt Swamps Emergency Phone Lines In Flagler

    August 20, 2009 Bunnell Fl. -- Flagler County’s Emergency Operations Center was flooded with phone calls Thursday afternoon by people pleading with Flagler County not to raise taxes.

    The calls were apparently the result of a an automated call that went out to county residents on behalf of Dan Quiggle, a Republican candidate for the District 8 State Senate seat of the late Jim King. Not only were the phone calls going to the wrong number and tying up the county’s Emergency Services lines but Flagler County is not proposing to raise taxes.

    The county is proposing a tax rate that is below the State’s roll back rate and will bring in approximately $2 million dollars less in tax revenue in 2010 compared to 2009. The county is essentially operating on less tax revenues for the third year running.

    “This is an irresponsible election stunt,” County Administrator Craig Coffey said. “not only is the information inaccurate but he put out an incorrect phone number and tied up our emergency services lines.”

    “ I wish he would not have done that,” Coffey said. “County taxes make up less than a third of the overall tax bill sent out to property owners. The State Legislature in its last session raised school taxes which make up much a larger percentage of property owners tax bill. Cities and special districts make up the remainder of the tax bill.”

    “I am sure he will come to understand the tax structure as he pursues his legislative ambitions,” Coffey said.

    The calls started coming in around noon on Thursday with more than a hundred calls all referring to Quiggle and asking the county to reconsider raising taxes.

  5. Did he actually speak at the Tea Party???

  6. Dan spole at the Tea Party and I endorse him personally for the State Senate. I am organizer for the 912 meetup and county chair for the Constitution Party.

  7. I saw Quiggle supporters being escorted from the tea party. Did he use that footage as well?

  8. For the record: "Real tea baggers" are more likely to belong to the Democrat Party.

  9. I was at the Tea Party that Quiggle spoke at, and he didn't even mention he was running... he just talked about good old conservative principles, George Washington, Ronald Reagan, and fighting taxes... that's AWESOME!
    Check out this Quiggle remix video I found on youtube... pretty rockin! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j_qONWIRIIE
    Go Dan!