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Ohio Rapist Pretends to be Gay

Well-dressed, soft-spoken, like Michael Jackson.

That's how 26-year-old Robert Williams' rape victims described him.

Prosecutors agree, but say Williams is more like a spider with a web. They describe him as calculating, methodical in luring his prey.

Williams befriended his first two victims, pretending to be their "gay best friend."

Months would pass, he gained their trust and then one day he turned on them and raped them. His approach with a third victim, a 17-year-old, was an old scam: He claimed he could make her a model.

Williams was convicted this week on four charges of rape related to three victims in a Hamilton County court. He faces up to 40 years in prison when Judge Steve Martin sentences him Sept. 15.

"I use the analogy of the spider and the web," Assistant Hamilton County Prosecutor Katie Burroughs said. "He weaved intricate lies about who he was and what he was. Once the women became ensnared, he pounced."

The crimes happened in his home, where Williams felt comfortable, knew the exits and could threaten he had a weapon.

Cincinnati Det. DeRon Hall said he knows of two other victims who refused to testify, afraid to share such a personal attack. He said he suspects other victims never reported being raped.

"If there is somebody else out there, we'd definitely like to talk to them," said Hall, who described Williams as a sociopath. "I'm not a doctor by any means, but he definitely has some sociopath tendencies in that he doesn't think he did anything wrong."

The cases date to 2004, but Williams was finally arrested in December after the attacking a teenage girl in 2008.

Williams testified during the trial, admitting he had sex with the victims. But, he said it was consensual and it was a situation in which he agreed to pay them.

Williams said that because he is effeminate women assume he is gay and therefore aren't interested in dating him.

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