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Republican Party of Florida Slams Racially Themed Mailer

Republican Party of Florida Chairman Jim Greer today condemned a mailer circulated in State Senate District 8, regarding Absentee Ballot request forms for the Republican Primary in the Special Election to replace deceased Florida State Senator James E. “Jim” King, Jr.

“As Chairman of the Republican Party of Florida, I condemn both the content of your mailer and your use of the Republican indicia to imply an affiliation with the Republican Party,” said Chairman Greer in a letter to Erin DiCesare, leader of the group responsible for circulating the mailer. “Florida law prohibits you from using the name or symbols of a political party without first obtaining the written approval of that party’s state executive committee.”

“The fact that you are a Democrat who resides in Leon County, leads me to seriously question your involvement in a Republican Primary in Duval County,” continued Greer. “Why is a Democrat collecting Republican absentee ballots requests? Why are the requests going to a P.O. Box instead of the Supervisor of Elections? Who is financing this rogue group?”

“The Republican Party of Florida is exploring all available legal options to ensure that eligible voters are not misled or disenfranchised by the activities of you or your organization,” concluded Greer.

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