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Vick Returns With Six Plays, Several Looks

PHILADELPHIA - Three months out of prison and on the same day he appeared in bankruptcy court, Michael Vick returned to the NFL playing field Thursday.

His action was limited - six first-half plays, 4-for-4 passing for 19 yards, one carry for 1 yard - as the Philadelphia Eagles hosted the Jacksonville Jaguars in a preseason game.

Vick got a partial standing ovation as he ran onto the field for the Eagles' second play. Fans roared when the former Pro Bowl quarterback zipped a 13-yard pass completion in the first quarter.

Vick, absent the last two seasons while serving a federal prison sentence for dogfighting, had attended his Thursday morning court appearance in Newport News, Va., where a federal judge approved Vick's plan to pay off an estimated $20 million in debts. Outside Lincoln Financial Field before the game, fans passed their judgment.

"He did the crime. He did the time. Now it's time to move on," said James Thompson, 40, of Philadelphia, sporting a Vick No. 7 Eagles jersey.

J. Whyatt Mondesire, president of the Philadelphia chapter of the NAACP, also was outside the stadium. "We're tired of people saying he should not be given a second chance because of the horrible nature of his crime. He paid his price," he said.

Three young women toted a banner reading "Murderers Are Not Role Models," a reference to the animals killed in Vick's dogfighting ring. The banner depicted a bleeding dog. The women declined to be identified.

Donovan McNabb started for the Eagles, but Vick ran six plays in multiple fashions on the Eagles' first four series. On his first play, he lined up in the shotgun, with McNabb split wide right as a receiver. Vick's shovel pass to LeSean McCoy gained 4 four yards.

On another play, Vick lined up as a slot receiver. McNabb took the snap, handed off and then faked a pass to Vick.

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