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Florida Boy Hits Pregnant School Employee

FORT MYERS, Fla. - An 8-year-old boy has been charged with battering a pregnant school employee who took away a pencil that belonged to him.

The boy, who The News-Press will not name because of his age, is accused of hitting Fran Albany, who is three months pregnant, at Lee Charter Academy.

Albany told police that she was watching children in the after-school program Thursday afternoon when a student told her that a girl hit him with a pencil, the police report states.

Albany said she took the pencil from the girl. The pencil belonged to the 8-year-old suspect, who became enraged after Albany confiscated it. The suspect walked up to Albany when she refused to give him the pencil and started punching her, hitting her in the stomach and on her back.

Albany told the boy to sit down numerous times, but he kept running at her and punching her, stating he was not scared of her.

Albany said she wrapped her arms around him and took him to the front office, where he called her derogatory names.

Police were called and the responding officers were able to calm the boy, who was then arrested for battery on a school employee and taken to the Juvenile Assessment Center for booking.

The boy's grandmother arrived and was told of the incident and the boy's arrest.

At the time of the incident, neither the boy nor Albany had any visible injuries. The boy told the arresting officer that he learned his behavior from "watching his mother fighting with her boyfriends," according to the police report.

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