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Brunswick on Alert After Mobile Home Slayings

BRUNSWICK, Ga. - A community on edge after seven murder victims were found in a mobile home, was urged to remain vigilant as police pour through leads hoping to find the killer.

Investigators combed a 2 mile area looking for clues that would bring them closer to why a family of seven was murdered and two people were left for dead early Saturday morning.

"Be aware. Be alert. Don't think it's OK, because it ain't," said Glynn County Police Chief Matthew Doering. In a Sunday afternoon news conference, Doering took the time to urge citizens to be cautious and remain on alert as there are no known suspects. He asked that anyone who sees anything suspicious come forward.

"There's an individual we would like to know about that's not at the scene," he said.

Doering is "confident" the killer will be caught.

An autopsy was completed on one of the victims Sunday morning. Investigators now know the cause of death but are not releasing it for fear it will taint the investigation.

Doering has been vague in answering questions and accounts in the investigation claiming the integrity of the case would be at risk.

"This is a highly unusual event," Doering said. "This is the first time we have had this many victims in one event." He went on to say that protecting key information from the suspect is vital to his/her capture.

"We want to be sure we do it right the first time. We only have one chance."

Police arrested the man that called 911 on Saturday after finding the gruesome scene around 8 a.m. inside a home at the New Hope Plantation mobile home park. But Guy Heinze Jr. is not being charged in the killings, Doering said Sunday morning.

Police are holding Heinze, 22, in the county jail on drug and obstruction charges. Heinze, who called 911 alerting police to the scene, is related to at least one of the victims found in the home, police said.

Investigators said he is cooperating.

The charges are possession of a controlled substance, possession of marijuana, tampering with evidence, and obstruction of an officer, which is related to making false statements to police.

The identities and ages of the seven victims are not yet confirmed. Two other victims who were injured in the attack remain in critical condition at an unnamed Savannah, Ga., hospital. All the victims lived in the New Hope home, Doering said Sunday morning.

Families of the two critical patients have been able to visit them. They are not responsive enough to give investigators details.

Doering would not speculate about when the autopsies, which began at 7:30 a.m., will be complete. However, he expects them to be done within the next two days.

Neighbors in the park have been very cooperative, police said. Officials have used nearby surveillance cameras to confirm some of their accounts. There are no cameras in the New Hope park.

"I am absolutely certain 100 percent what happened," said Doering. "Absolutely certain how it happened - now the question is, who's responsible."

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