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Brunswick 911 Call: ‘My Whole Family’s Dead’

In distraught 911 calls, Guy Heinze told an emergency dispatcher that his mom, dad, uncle and cousin lay dead or dying at the New Hope Plantation mobile-home park in rural southeastern Georgia.

"My whole family's dead. It looks like they've been beat to death," Heinze, 22, wailed to the dispatcher.

He told police his cousin, Michael Toler, 19, who has Down syndrome, was breathing but couldn't talk. "His face is smashed in," he said.

The 911 calls, released Monday, offered a dramatic glimpse into the gruesome scene Saturday morning in Brunswick, Ga., where eight members of Heinze's extended family were killed.

Seven died at the scene, and Toler died at the hospital on Sunday. One person remained hospitalized in critical condition, Glynn County Police Chief Matt Doering said at a news conference Monday, where he provided few new details.

Relatives told The Brunswick News that Byron Jimmerson, 3, the grandson of victim Russell "Rusty" Toler, is in critical condition.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation completed autopsies of all the victims Monday, spokesman John Bankhead said. Doering would not release the results or say how the family was killed. Police are offering a $25,000 reward for information.

Police have arrested Heinze on charges of drug possession, tampering with evidence and obstruction. He remained in jail Monday.

Doering did not name any suspects in the killings. "We still believe there is a person or persons responsible for this somewhere out there," he said. He said residents of the town should remain "cautious."

"It's alarming not knowing who's out there," said Toni Mugavin, who lives about a mile from the mobile-home park.

Residents of Brunswick, a town of 16,000 near Savannah, rarely lock their doors, Mugavin said. The weekly crime report in the local newspaper usually lists a couple of car break-ins and other petty theft, she said.

"I'll just keep my door locked," she said. "They'll have to get past my dog. If they get past my dog, they have to get past my gun."

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