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Lou Rose: Why I’m Voting for Dan Quiggle

This is the first of several endorsement editorials that we will be featuring here on the Jacksonville Observer between now and the State Senate special election on September 15th.

In this first installment, Observer contributor Lou Rose tells us why Dan Quiggle is his choice for State Senate...


rose-editorialGovernment is occasionally necessary but it is always offensive. No one wants to be told what to do by the government; no one wants to have to pay money to the government. The government is made up of imperfect people just like us and consequently makes mistakes just like we do, except that when the government makes mistakes it makes them it on a much larger scale. This is old news for anyone who reads history and understands its lessons. Why then does government continue to get bigger and bigger every year, like a stinking cancerous sore that will not heal?

The reason is that people go into politics for the wrong reasons. They go into politics because they think that they at last can make the system work, that they will be the one to bring the change that results in a greater good. They are well meaning but vain and misguided. Others go into government because they are energetic go getters, entrepreneurs who like to build big operations and make them grow strong and profitable. This is a great thing in the business world, but for reasons described above, a bad idea for government. Still others go into politics because all they care about is power and money for themselves and think that they are better than their fellow citizens and deserve more of everything. They are truly evil and deserve nothing but the sword. One thing these three types of politicians have in common is that they look good, and sound good, but should not ever be allowed to hold office. All the candidates for state senate in the 8th district fall into one of these categories except for the one man who needs to be elected, Dan Quiggle.

Dan Quiggle understands that if you want lower taxes and less government intrusion in your life, you have to have smaller government, the minimal amount of government necessary at the federal level and at the state level. We all know how to do that don’t we? You do it be repealing taxes, by abolishing agencies and programs. You do it by letting the free market drive the economy and by leaving a free people alone to seek life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. You do it by intentionally dismantling the machinery of government wherever possible. Isn’t this what you want? I tell you it is what I want and I know that Dan Quiggle will fight for it. As State Chairman of Americans for Prosperity, he helped defeat a $250 million property tax hike in Jacksonville and a $120 million sales tax hike in St. Johns County.

I have known Dan for several years. As a young man he worked for Ronald Reagan after he left office and developed a close relationship with the President and Mrs. Reagan. His message of conservatism has been consistent and unwavering. He has worked hard to achieve success in business, but has remembered to put his family first. His wife and three children accompany him at events and you can see that that they love him, are happy to be there, and believe in what he is trying to do for us all. As an experienced businessman, he knows what it really takes to energize the economy and create jobs for the people of Florida.

If you want less government intrusion in your life, if you want lower taxes you must begin to elect men and women who make that the bedrock of their political philosophy. If you want more liberty, you must elect a true patriot, someone who will not compromise his principles when he gets to the state house, someone who believes that freedom is the best policy even if it is not always the safest or the easiest.

Vote for Dan Quiggle for state senator for the 8th district.

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  1. This lifetime member of the NRA also supports Quiggle. Our state and country need the strong new leadereship offered by this liberty candidate, especially now.

  2. Also a member of the NRA and I also support Quiggle.

  3. Well said, Mr. Rose! Dan Quiggle can be such a capable fresh face to shake up things in Tallahassee! We should all be sure to go vote in the primary next week, to assure that Quiggle gets the opportunity to serve in the senate.

  4. let's get real!

    Quiggle is a hack. The trial lawyers want him to win because they no he'll never get taken seriously in Tallahassee. He'll be a joke.

  5. Who can we trust to send to Tallahassee to press for the rights of Florida's Citizens? Do you think you can trust the same old power hungry recycled politicians? NO!

    Aren't you tired of Republicans who spend taxpayer money like water and march us further down the path of socialism?

    Florida and this very country is at a turning point. We can't trust career politicians to press for your rights in Tallahassee for the following legislation:

    HM 19 - Limiting the Scope and Exercise of Federal Power

    HB 21 - Regulation of Firearms "...provides that specified firearms, firearm accessories, & ammunition for personal use manufactured in state are not subject to federal law or regulation..."

    HJR 37 - Health Care Services "...Proposes creation of s. 28, Art. X of State Constitution to prohibit laws or rules from compelling any person, employer, or health care provider to participate in any health care system..."


    Dan is a proven tax fighter. Instead of "going along to get along" he calls out the RINOs who are destroying the Party.


    Northeast Florida will be well represented when he is elected.

    • Why I might vote for John Thrasher

      I might vote for Thrasher because Tallahassee, when the legislature is in session, becomes the meca of dishonesty. There is no one running for Senate that is more dishonest than John. He is the king of the back room deal. There is no one better at spending tax dollars and cutting deals that benefit him and his friends. He is well seasoned at saying one thing and doing another. There will be no learning curve for John Thrasher. He will hit the ground running!

  6. If Quiggle is so great why is he consistantly a no-show at debates and forums? Is he afraid of something? Perhaps it is the truth!

  7. Another reason why I would not supprt Dan Quiggle


    Candidate's Message Jams Emergency Line

    • Another reason I wil not support Thrasher.

      No link needed, he didnt live in the district until the seat opened. Done, that is all I needed.

  8. Dan Quiggle doesn't show up to candidate forums because there are nothing but political hacks at those things and he would probably rather be out listening to voters and working for actual votes... probably the reason he is leading and going to win this race.

    • Disbelief,
      I am in "disbelief" that you don't understand that the Republican Women's Club of Duval Federated's candidate forum for which Quiggle had confirmed his attendance and was a no show had over 100 politically savy voters in attendance. He left his wife holding the bag. We know that he left his interview with the TU editorial board at 11:45 am. Plenty of time to make the 5 minute drive across the river to the luncheon's 12:00 pm starting time. How many more commitments will he break if he makes it to Tallahassee? Fortunately, none because he will loose this race!

  9. Dan Quiggle will make an excellent and honest state senator. If he does not win it will be another example of Republicans eating their young. He is the only hope for our party in District Eight. Singlewide speaks the truth.

  10. The most qualified choice that is honest is Stan Jordan. Let Thrasher and Quiggle keep fighting it out as to who is more slimy. Stan Jordan has moved up within 2 points and he has a week with the best name recogniton of the field. See everyone on Tuesday evening!

    • Stan Jordan could not even sit a full term on the School board, he has not even been in that post for a year. But his camapign literature touts his "record" on the SB. Give me a break! He is just as bad as Thrasher, a tired old retread. We keep electing the same hacks over and over again and wonder why things stay the same.

      • last time I look Jose, Stan served on the Board for 16 years from 1984-2000! according to my math that would be more than one term!

  11. lo siento Jose, hasta luego amigo!

  12. I watched the link that Lou did on youtube


    I'm amazed a guy like Lou didn't slam a 2 inch Porterhouse right on the grill. Been a few years since Lou laced a boot. He can't bend over to do so. In fact I wonder if he ever did. Quiggle certainly hasn't.

    • While I respect military service and it very often factors into my voting decisions, it does not mean that a person is right for the job. Bill McBride was an decorated Army Vet, it did not mean he got my vote over Jeb (who never served). Same with this situation. Jordan and Thrasher may have served honorably, but it does not change the fact that they have both acted in a way that shows them to be shameless office hounds who are not in it for the people but for their own self-inflation.

    • Not nice to attack a fellow veteran, bronzestararmy. Yes it is harder to lace up those boots these days. Check out my poem Ham, Eggs, Grits and Cheese at: http://www.geocities.com/louisrose/ham.htm . Nevertheless, since you are too cowardly to give us your real name, I'm sure I wouldn't have any difficulty gett ing YOU to bend over.

  13. Lou were you one of those "Don't ask Don't tell" boys? Sounds like it.

  14. At Ease Pvt. Lou! I went to your website. Wow! They have medicine for that now a days. By the way I didn't see one reference to your military service. I did seen reference to some unnamed law enforcement agency and that you have a concealed weapons permit. However I would have though as you pontificated on the Second Amendment you would have talked about your alleged military service and maybe your discharge status. We can only wonder since these blogs are full of it most of the time. Quiggle the FUBAR candidate!

    • That would be P.F.C to you. Too rebellious to ever make corporal. U.S. Army 1972-75, Honorable Discharge. Interesting comment about the Second amendment though. While it stands alone as an independent right to bear arms for personal defense, those who do talk about it should also mention the need for individuals to devote some time to serving their country, as a member of state guard, national guard, or in regular military service.

      I am willing to debate most any subject, but I find ad hominum attacks wearisome, especially from someone too cowardly to use their real name.

    • Who is your guy, bronzestar?

  15. I think I would be the best candidate but I just don't want to get in the mud with a guy like Thrasher and deal with all the non issues he created "trial lawyers" "liberals" "conservative champions" Jeb Bush licking my boots, flying desks, Quiggle spy gate, Reagan summer intern pajama parties.

    I havent heard either one of these clowns (Thrasher or Quiggle) discuss education, fiscal responsibility, the St Johns River, redistricting, hometown democracy.

    The only ones that have discussed the issues are Art Graham and Stan Jordan. They appear to be the only quality choices amid non stop mud slinging.

    Oh by the way as I was typing this I just saw another Thrasher ad trashing (maybe the new verb should be "thrashing") lawyers and featuring Obama and Pelosi (what does that have to do with the State Senate and the issues facing Northeast Florida?) and then this is the best when the ad says: "Call John Thrasher and tell him he is not alone." Unfortunately there is no phone number to call the phony bastard! The ad is run by some shady 529 group.

    • The St. Johns River? Isn't that the Mayor's new pet project? I know how that game works; he and his corporate buddies destroy the environment and then send the bill for the clean-up to the taxpayers.

  16. The wife comes out to defend the family of a candidate. Welcome to Jacksonville's version of the reality TV culture we live in.

    The black Helis are coming for all of you.

  17. Not too sure if I want another politician in Tallahassee with a track record of NOT TELLING THE TRUTH. By my math, Quiggle would have been a child when Pres. Reagan was in office. Ooops! He changed that to say it was after Reagan was out of office. Hmmm! What did he do that created his "close and personal relationship" with President and Mrs. Reagan???? This needs to be answered. And YES, CHARACTER DOES MATTER!!!!!

  18. What I don't understand is why Mr. Quiggle is sending out attack pieces against Mr. Jordan and Mr. Graham? The funny thing is the moron is using the home address of his campaign spokesman Adam Guillette as the return address!

    Way to run a campaign boys! Welcome to the Big Leagues, maybe next time you run for office, and you probably will run again even though you say you aren't a career politician it looks to me you desire to become one, your campaign will not be so bush league!

    • Mark, can you substantial this?

      One practice that concerned me was the practice of calling registered voters to push a candidate several times in one evening, including calls after acceptable evening hours. The idea was to irritate the voter to the point that he would vote against the name mentioned in the call. This is despicable.

      If this was one Republican using this tactic against another, I'm of the opinion that the REC should take action against the candidate, and REC member responsible. If an outside group is responsible, the States Attorneys office should investigate, and prosecute for any applicable crimes, including misdemeanors or felonies.

      This practice was short-sighted, and could cause damage to the GOP label in up coming elections. I would like to see signed statements by all the candidates involved repudiating this tactic. If one of them is later identified as the responsible campaign, there should be ramifications for their chicanery, and their dishonesty.