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Browns Keep QB Pick on the QT

Cleveland Browns coach Eric Mangini knows who'll be his starting quarterback.

He's just not saying if it's Derek Anderson or Brady Quinn. At least publicly, anyway.

"I'll just say that I will be talking to those guys," Mangini said Monday. "I'll clearly explain what the decision was based on, why I made the decision that I did and what my expectations are. My expectations will be clearly that they support each other at all times, they support the team at all times and they both prepare as if they were the No. 1 quarterback."

Nearly two weeks after the New York Jets named rookie quarterback Mark Sanchez the starter, the Detroit Lions, who in 2008 became the first team to go 0-16, also decided to go with a rookie.

Lions coach Jim Schwartz chose Matthew Stafford, the No. 1 pick in the draft, over veteran Daunte Culpepper.

"This isn't an internship. This isn't a trial basis. He's our starting quarterback," Schwartz said.

Quinn's and Anderson's preseason stats weren't that different, but Quinn threw for more yards and touchdowns, had a higher passer rating and threw one fewer interception.

Mangini said keeping the starter a secret prevents his Week 1 opponents, the Minnesota Vikings, from preparing for the No. 1 guy.

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Matt Cassel, who injured his knee in a preseason game Aug. 29, practiced Monday, but coach Todd Haley did not say whether Cassel would play Sunday at the Baltimore Ravens.

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