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Greer Allows His Children to Watch Obama Speech

State GOP Chairman Jim Greer is interviewed on CNN about the President's speech to students. Greer notes that he will allow his children to watch the address now that the administration has backed off from writing lesson plans that would have called for the children to write letters about how they could "help the president" achieve his goals.

The video clip...

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  1. Meanwhile Greer is engaged in a political witch hunt which violates every value of the Republican PArty and actively purging outspoken reformers within his own party organization, including removing elected officials from office all over Florida.

    Greer should take the beam out of his own eye before trying to get the splinter out of Obama's eye.

    See: http://blogcritics.org/politics/article/republican-party-of-florida-purges-outspoken/


  2. Who cares if Obama tells kids to write in?? Are your kids really going to remember it after they get home and turn on Nickelodeon??? No.

    Richard Clark has the people of jacksonville writing in to achieve his goals of slashing the budget. Look how embarrasssing that fiasco has turned out to be.

    Maybe these kids will show Obama's inefficiencies as much as Clark has been shown his.

  3. Don't speak out against Jim


    Jim Greer hates America.

    Eliminating people that have dissenting opinions is what some fascist leader from Germany did. If this isn't fixed ASAP I will withdraw my support from the GOP and will do everything in my power to see that Jim is removed

  4. Well Good for Greer.
    Perhaps he can now listen to a few people in HIS OWN PARTY..
    Why is Greer trying to silence the conservative members of his party?
    Hypocrite? This man will be responsible for the demise of the Republican party in Florida. Which could be a good thing. Being silenced by this man will become a badge of honor in the near future.

  5. I dont know why Greer is afraid of his kids listening to Obama. My kids know better and know how to think and ask questions. Maybe Greer needs to sweep around his own doorstep. My children know right from wrong and would ask challenging questions. Maybe that is why I don't raise my children like mushrooms. Teach your children to think for themselves. This is why republicans like me need to replace the programmed ultra rightwing idiots that have destroyed this party. The Bush family has been equivalent to Bill Clinton in destroying the party.