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Nancy McGowan: Why I Support John Thrasher

This is the second of our endorsement editorials that we will be featuring here on the Jacksonville Observer between now and the State Senate special election on September 15th. In this installment, Nancy McGowan tells us why John Thrasher is her choice for State Senate…


mcgowan-guestNext Tuesday, September 15, the upcoming special election will be held in North Florida to replace former Senator Jim King's senate seat in District 8.

With a myriad of candidates to choose from, former Speaker of the Florida House, John Thrasher, is the stand out all-star among them and here's why: strong leaders with a successful proven record deserve unwavering support.

Thrasher was elected to the Florida House in 1992 and unanimously elected as House Speaker in 1998. His record of accomplishments under Gov. Jeb Bush reflect a remarkable legacy in public policy; ranging from the A-Plus plan in education, tax cutting to fighting crime. Building the necessary coalitions to enact bold effective reform was Thrasher's leadership trademark. His achievements in the legislature continue to pay off, especially for Florida's students. This year, Florida moved up from 31st to 14th in Education in the nation according to Education Week's Quality Counts Report. John Thrahser was responsible for driving that legislation as Speaker.

In the 2008 Presidential primary, it was John Thrasher who threw his support behind the only serious conservative candidate, Gov. Mitt Romney. Romney is an intelligent leader with a proven record in financial turnarounds. Romney was the most effective fiscal conservative and viable pro-life candidate running in 2008. Thrasher's political foresight was affirmed, evidenced by the overwhelming majority of NEFL voters who preferred by a margin of 3-1, economic Reagan supply- sider, Mitt Romney.

Alongside Gov. Jeb Bush, Thrasher led the fight to pass the largest tax cut in Florida history, with over $1 billion in tax relief for families and small businesses. In Criminal Justice legislation, he ensured the passage of the "THREE STRIKES AND YOU'RE OUT" law, mandating repeat violent offenders receive the maximum penalty under Florida law. Another legislative milestone was the "10-20-Life" bill which made Florida families safer by requiring longer prison sentences for crimes committed with a firearm. These are but a few the reasons he's being endorsed by the F.O.P., P.B.A., and the sheriffs from almost every surrounding county.

North East Florida must keep tradition in sending effective leaders to represent them in Tallahassee. The state of Florida benefits when grounded leadership comes out of North Florida. Senate seats are coveted because of the power they can wield; but there are serious responsibilities which come with that honor.

These are extraordinary times, it's imperative voters send a man with experience in the legislature, who possess a vision for policy, won't need on the job training, has the respect of his colleagues and the clout to get the job done.

If elected, Thrasher brings with him a real possibility of having another Senate President from the N.E. Florida region, keeping N.E.F.L. a political power-house.

The fact that State Rep Aaron Bean and Gov. Jeb Bush have endorsed John Thrasher, speak volumes about his deep conservative roots and solid fiscal credentials.

Voters should send a successful, battle-tested leader to Tallahassee. To ensure this happens, you must vote in this upcoming election.

John Thrasher is the most formidable, experienced and unapologetic fighter we could elect for North Florida families and businesses. He knows how to lead, he's done it before.

Nancy lives in Jacksonville and was appointed by Attorney General Bill McCollum as a FL Commissioner On The Status of Women.

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  1. Mitt Romney a serious contender, nay! If he had been a serious contender Mitt would not have need to throw millions of millions of wasted dollars, and added wasted millions of his own money at his last failed presidential campaign.

    Romney may have many favors owned to him, but the Romney’s have serious baggage yet to be opened. David Fischer, money bundler for Romney, and the Romney family have some serious questions which need to be asked of them.

    One, how did Alex Itkin get on the Michigan Republican Congressional Committee?

    No, way should Romney be near the White House.

    Background on Mr. Itkin

    Strange Bedfellows - Indeed!!!


  2. Nancy, you hit the nail on the head. We do need a leader who can get it done for North Florida, just like the late Senator Jim King did. It is a shame that Mr.Quiggle won't debate the others and tell us in person what he stands for. Speaker Thrasher did that and I agree he is the best man to continue the legacy that Jim King has left for the person following him. Go Thrasher

  3. One thing that Nancy McGowan and John Thrasher both have in common is that neither of them live in District 8. I'm sure Aaron Bean is supporting him because he has first hand experience with just how good Thrasher is at making backroom deals. Afterall, it was the deal orchestrated by Thrasher to have Bean drop out in exchange for backing in the District 5 race next cycle.

    John Thrasher has multiple ethics violations including one resulting in him paying a fine. Why would I want to listen to someone who does not live in the district tell me why they support him as a candidate who also does not live in the district?

  4. 12:53 John Thrasher and I have many things in common including a very conservative Republican philosophy.

    I am a fiscal conservative and staunch pro-life Catholic. Aaron Bean did not drop out because of a "back room deal" I was originally supporting him and understand why he did that. And it is not what you imply.

    This aricle I wrote is a political opinion/editorial. I've been writing these for over 20 years in the Florida TImes Union and other state papers whether I live in a candidate's district or not.

    In the 2008 Presidential primary, I came to know John Thrasher personally and was elated he joined Mitt Romney's team. Gov. Romney was by far the most effective fiscal and social conservative Republican running and a fine man with a great family.

    I've have researched John Thrasher's record, listened to him speak the past several weeks and find him to be a great candidate. His personal attributes (aside from his tenacious leadership capabilities) include humility and graciousness. John is a statesman. His legislative legacy in effective conservative policy cannot be disputed. As the FL TU said today on their opinion page, John lived in Clay but for a number of years has had a home in St. John's County. So he does live in the district.

    The Florida Times Union addressed that point dirtectly when they endorsed Speaker Trasher for this senate seat this morning:


    Again, the fact that former state Rep. Aaron Bean and Gov. Jeb Bush have endorsed John Thrasher for the Senate seat in District 8 speak volumes about his conservative candidacy; alot more than anything I could write.

    John Thrasher would be a fantastic Senator for NEFL.

  5. Aaron Bean will sure benefit from redistricting when this is all said and done.

  6. Drebin cracks another case! Your detective skills are matched by none!!

    Nancy, I'm glad Thrasher made the right choice in the Presidential Primary. Perhaps if he had used that same good judgement to not violate ethics rules while lobbying for trial lawyers and gamblers then we would not need to have this discussion.

    As for Jeb and Aaron, both lack any backbone to stand up for anything real other than themselves. I must give Aaron credit though, his money flow had dried up and he was a longshot. Dropping out with a guarantee for a sure thing a few years later was a smart move to make.

  7. Sorry John and Steve maybe I hit a nerve with you two. I was just complimenting Nancy.

  8. I'm Back in the hole!

  9. The wife comes out to defend the family of a candidate. Welcome to Jacksonville's version of the reality TV culture we live in.

    The black Helis are coming for all of you.

  10. Let me try again. Nancy I really like your pearl necklace. It matches what you are wearing and what you are saying.