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Quiggle Says Thrasher Allies are Spying on Him

The already heated State Senate special election took an even uglier turn today with allegations that individuals working on behalf of the Thrasher campaign have been caught videotaping rival candidate Dan Quiggle's home.

Luanne Quiggle, wife of Dan Quiggle, held a press conference at 3pm today to discuss the matter which was first reported in a blog posting on the Orlando Sentinel's website.

"I demand that John Thrasher asks his allies to stop this behavior, destroy any videotapes and apologize immediately,” stated Luanne Quiggle.

The Orlando Sentinel contacted the Quiggle campaign earlier today, saying that they had gotten a copy of a tape that showed Quiggle meeting with several trial lawyers. Sentinel reporter Aaron Deslatte reports that operatives supporting John Thrasher provided the blurry video taken of Quiggle's home. The Sentinel has made a clip availble (edited to remove the sound) on video sharing site YouTube...

"We've been told for a while that people were following Dan around and videotaping him and his home, but we didn't believe it at first," said Quiggle campaign spokesman Adam Guillette. Guillette went on to add that the Quiggle campaign will call for an investigation and suggested that a felony has been committed.

The Thrasher campaign has "flatly denied" any involvement in the taping, according to David Hunt of The Florida Times-Union.

Both of the other candidates in the race, School Board Member Stan Jordan and City Councilman Art Graham, denied having anything to do with the video and said they hadn't heard anything about this story until we contacted them.

"That's just the nature of this," Graham said. "As a public figure, this kind of thing becomes fair game. If a normal person gets a speeding ticket, no one cares. But if I get a speeding ticket, it's in the newspaper. Welcome to politics."

"I'm flying my plane, and I don't have time to provide adult supervision for anybody else," said Jordan. "I don't like that kind of stuff, I don't do it, and I've never done it in my career."

"I think all the political games and mudslinging in this race is ridiculous, we need to get back to the issues at hand," added Graham. "We need to bring common sense back to government."

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  1. Is Dan ever going to speak for himself? Never in my life have I heard a politician let his wife do so much of the talking.

  2. Luanne Quiggle = The White Sherri Palmer

  3. Sounds like Ross Perot. Are they trying to disrupt his daughter's wedding as well?

  4. Is it possible that Quiggle produced this himself to have something new on Thrasher? I haven't seen a hit piece with new info on Thrasher in a while. I'm not saying it's likely...but it is possible.

  5. And I don't see how this could possibly be illegal. If it was illegal to take images from a public thoroughfare, then Google Street View would have been stopped a long time ago.

  6. Mark Twain once said, "Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt."

    Luanne Quiggle once said, "Shut up, Dan - no speakee"


    Must have major $$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  8. Dan's house looks like a singlewide (pardon the pun) compared to Thrashers house in Orange Park that is 30 miles outside the District. At lease Quiggle lives squarely in the District as do the other candidates. Maybe Thrasher was on a house hunting trip when he took the video so he could really move into the District. Maybe well see some footage on one of Thrashers slime ball ads where he talks about his one and only issue in the campaign :Trial Lawyers. If truth be told Thrasher is a lawyer but was a prettly lousy one who couldn't try a case so he shuffled into the back room parlors to make deals as a lobbyist. He hates Trial Lawyers because he honestly isn't skilled enough to be one.

  9. "He hates Trial Lawyers because he honestly isn't skilled enough to be one."

    The only person who could defend a trial lawyer is... well, a trial lawyer.

  10. Dan Quiggle is crazier than an outhouse rat. I was a volunteer on his campaign and could not take his erratic behaviour, outbursts and just plain strangeness any longer. It's no wonder that he has been hidden from the voters and media for weeks.

  11. Wait a minute singlewide, John Thrasher lives in a modest condo in St. Augustine. You need to find out what, the ultra liberal personal injury trial lawyers don't want you to know about John Thrasher. When did Stan Jordan get a pilot's license? One candidate is worth a vote in this insane race. Vote Smart, Vote Art.

    • Thrasher lives in his condo instead of his Clay County mansion the same way Rooney lived in a kennel and Mahoney in a barn. Just a mailing address to be registered in distirct.

  12. Guess what, Just Another Republican, Stan Jordan got his pilots license in the United States Army. He flew combat helicopters, he commanded the squadron at Craig Field, he was awarded the Legion of Merit, He retired as an 06 that means Colonel. That is where he got his pilots license. Ask Art , Dan and John where they got theirs. Then ask Dan and Art what branch of the service they served. Looking forward to the answers. I imagine the silence will be deafening. By the way, why doesn't Thrashers campaign video Thrasher's Orange Park 2.2 million dollar house for all to see. I'm sure it's just a rental property to John and the 250K "modest" townhome is his bona fide residence.

    • If Jordan and Thrasher were not two reheated, recycled politicians I would take their service into consideration. Since that is not the case, and the "Trasher" Campaign has yet to prove that the trial lawyers are "backing" Quiggle, I will stick with him.

  13. If you want my opinion, and even if you don't : I say that our politicians have become like a bunch of second graders bickering. I would not want my children to look up to any of these people for a "good example" of being a good American. As the years have gone by, it seems that every campaign is about someone " doing or did something wrong," and someone trying to spend money on finding out something about the other candidates that they can bash them with. These politicians need to " GROW UP. It is so rediculous to see these "adults" being such a POOR example to the American people. Why can't we have the good, clean campaigns like there use to be? No wonder kids today are being the way they are and then the government wants to blame it all on the parents. Don't they (politicians) know that the kids are seeing and hearing what they are doing as well? What a poor example. I think they need to clean up their act and start acting like grown adults and stop all the childish bickering. You will never find one candidate that runs for any office in America that does not have something they may have done in their past or present that was wrong. There are NO PERFECT PEOPLE in this world. Come on all you politicians, get your acts together and stop trying to dig up trash on someone else. If you would spend your time cleaning out your own closet, you wouldn't have time to be digging in someone else's. And when your closet is perfectly clean, then you can dig in someone else's. Which will never happen if you really clean up your own. It is a lifetime job. Where are the strong morals that our politicians use to have??? And don't forget, your own children are watching your actions also. Do you really want to be that kind of an example to your children and grandchildren???

  14. The wife comes out to defend the family of a candidate. Welcome to Jacksonville's version of the reality TV culture we live in.

    The black Helis are coming for all of you.

  15. Bronzestararmy, I stand corrected. I just got the mailer from the Jordan campaign which shows Col. Stan Jordan, U.S. Army (Ret.) in a flight suit next to a helo. But can he fly fixed wing multi-engine supersonic aircraft? Mr. Jordan has done much for the veterans as well. I am not aware of any military service by either Graham or Quiggle. Both Jordan and Thrasher have served our country with Honor in their military service and I thank them for that.

    The issues facing Florida and our next State Senator are taxes, crime, jobs and unemployment, the water supply, hurricane insurance, deteriorating infrastructure, education, rising medical costs, gambling and of course the sorry way the government treats our veterans to name a few. When it comes to this race we have seen little discussion on these topics and much discussed concerning who the "Ultra-liberal Personal Injury Trial Lawyers" are supporting or not supporting. Working in the Reagan Library, driving a 40 year old truck, and being best buds with Jeb Bush are all fine, but what about falling revenues and rising costs for government services?

    When you look at who is attempting to carry the discussion to a point beyond name calling and chest thumping, one candidate is seen, Art Graham.

  16. The real question is WHAT are they (trial lawyers) doing at Dan Quiggle's house?

    No true conservative Republican should want or need the backing of the Trial lawyers, period.

    They are NOT: "for for the people."

    John Thrahser is the best man and experienced full spectrum conservative
    of this group for Distric 8 in North Florida & then Art Graham second.

    • There was no trial lawyers at Quiggles house, that is just the speculation about why Thrasher was spying on him.

      Thrasher is not best for District 8 because he does not live in district 8. He lives in Orange Park, no matter what condo he bought in the district with his eeeevil trial lawyer lobbyist money.

  17. After hearing it all and letting the mud settle to the floor where it belongs. The clear choice for this race is Stan Jordan. He has run an honorable campaign. He has discussed the issues. He is not a corrupt lobbyist (Thrasher), He is not a cowardly whiner sending his wife out to defend him (Quiggle) with no experiance other than gagging on the silver spoon that mommy and daddy slammed down his throat. Simply put Stan Jordan is an honorable self made man who will represent Northeast Florida well.


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