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Thrasher Campaign Says ‘No Way’ to Spying Charges

special-electionAs we reported earlier today, the Dan Quiggle campaign for State Senate is charging that allies of former House Speaker John Thrasher have been stalking Quiggle and his family with video cameras. A clip sent today to the Orlando Sentinel seems to prove their point. Sentinel reporter Aaron Deslatte says that the video is being shopped around to media by operatives who are backing Thrasher.

Click here to view the video.

However, the Thrasher campaign has flatly denied any direct role in the taping.

Sarah Bascom, a spokeperson for the Thrasher campaign, issued the following statement this afternoon: "John Thrasher would never put anyone’s family in harm’s way because he knows how these negative campaign attacks can impact a family – having endured relentless personal attacks by shadowy groups for weeks. And to imply that he has the time or would ever video tape anybody is ludicrous."

Bascom continued: "The real question is for Mr. Quiggle – who is in the tape and who is really behind your campaign? That is a valid question and has been for weeks."

Both other candidates, Stan Jordan and Art Graham, also denied any knowledge of the tape and denounced the political mudslinging that's gone on in this race to fill the seat left vacant by the death of Jim King.

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  1. Are we later going to find out that it was indeed Thrasher behind the stalking? Maybe Thrasher just forgot it was going on like he forgot about all of those plane rides he took on the State plane at taxpayers expense.

  2. Disbelief: The old "Thrasher plane ride" stories are getting a little old. I'm half convinced that Quiggle took this video himself because his staffers (who apparently spend all day posting comments on the JaxObserver) can't dig up anything else on Thrasher.

    • I dont need to dig anything else up, he does not actually live in the district, that is enough to eliminate him from my list.

  3. Word from inside Camp Quiggle is that he has been missing public appearences and not responding to phone calls from reporters is that his wife fears that he is on the verge of some sort of breakdown. Apparantly, this has happened before and she fears that if he does so in public that they will be ruined.

  4. Sadly Thrasher's campaign has lied again. His Tallahassee handler Sarah Bascom is quoted above as saying "“John Thrasher would never put anyone’s family in harm’s way." Actually John Thrasher has made a career harming Florida families while lining his pocket with Insurance Industry money. Limiting the insurance benefits to gravely ill premium payers while advocating rate increases and requirements designed to make treatment authorizations virtually unattainable. He has tried to destroy Northeast Florida neighborhoods whlie doing the bidding for his corporate clients.

    No, I am not a Dan Quiggle fan but Reagans summer intern deserves a bit better than this.

    Stan Jordan has consistently focused on the issues and has run an above board honest campaign. He has the experiance to do this job well.

  5. Stan Jordan has consistently focused on the issues? Cash for clunkers is a real hot issue in this race.

  6. You are right Just another Republican (hereafter referred as "JAR"), there should be no cash for the clunkers but none the less, the insurance industry has sent in cash nationwide for its clunker John Thrasher. Who is your pony in the race JAR?

  7. Where the heck has Dan been? I'm backing Graham - he's the only one who apparently has any sense - but I'm shocked that Dan Quiggle seems to have vanished. Sure I see his wife every where - she even fills in for him at candidate forums. But she's not the one running for office!

  8. assclowns are being duped. what kind of man has his wife show up at every debate (where he does not show) and has her defend the family in a press conference. you women and men supporting him have been fooled by the tan, trial lawyers etc.

    you won't listent to me because you think he is your real conservative. look at the events. Is he duping you?

    Wifey, please defend me. Wuss in this day another letter at the front of this in the old days.

  9. Mark Twain once said, "Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt."

    Luanne Quiggle once said, "Shut up, Dan - no speakee"

  10. I heard Dan Quiggle once got a splinter in his finger. Luckily, Luanne was there to pull the splinter out, beat the crap out of it, set it on fire, sue it, and apply Neosporin to Dan's finger...all before dinner.

  11. Dan couldn't carry my ruck sack. His wife would have made a good BAM. Give Dan a purple heart for his splinter!

  12. The wife comes out to defend the family of a candidate. Welcome to Jacksonville's version of the reality TV culture we live in.

    The black Helis are coming for all of you.

  13. After hearing it all and letting the mud settle to the floor where it belongs. The clear choice for this race is Stan Jordan. He has run an honorable campaign. He has discussed the issues. He is not a corrupt lobbyist (Thrasher), He is not a cowardly whiner sending his wife out to defend him (Quiggle) with no experiance other than gagging on the silver spoon that mommy and daddy slammed down his throat. Simply put Stan Jordan is an honorable self made man who will represent Northeast Florida well.