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Our Q&A With Senate Candidate Stan Jordan


OBSERVER: Tell us a little about your background.
STAN JORDAN: I was born in Jacksonville, and graduated from Andrew Jackson High School and Jacksonville University after graduating from Jacksonville University I became a Danforth Fellow.

During my formative years, I made a decision to devote much of my life to serving children. I proudly served our country as a pilot in the U.S. Army, rising from a private to the rank of full Colonel. After completing much of my early military training, I returned to the Duval County Public School system, where I gained valuable experience as a classroom teacher, principal and district-wide administrator. (I’m still certified by the Florida Department of Education in Administration, K-12.) In addition I became a successful business owner (3 Beach Diner Restaurants), winning several awards for business success. During this period of time, I also returned to the Duval County School system and was elected as a School Board member. During my 16 years on the Board, I served as Chairman four times. Additionally, I’ve served as Chairman of the state-wide Governor’s Task Force on Education.

In 2000, I was elected to represent the people of District 17 in the Florida House of Representatives. As a member of the Florida House for eight years, I served as Chairman of the Committee on Military & Veterans Affairs. In addition, my other assignments included Education K-12, Transportation, and Telecommunication and Utilities Committees.

My wife Shirley and I are members of First Baptist Church of Jacksonville and we two daughters and four grandchildren.


OBSERVER: Why did you first get into politics?

OBSERVER: We were all saddened by the recent passing of Senator King, he's left some big shoes to fill.  What makes you the best man for the job?
STAN JORDAN: I’m accessible, experienced in Education, Business, and Military and I sincerely believe that I can make a difference in improving the quality of life for our Floridians. Since Education is one of the greatest challenges we face and the military in Florida is the 2nd largest source of revenue I am well prepared in both areas.
OBSERVER: During your time in the State House, what are the three accomplishments you are most proud of?
STAN JORDAN: They are...

1. Providing more equitable funding formula for education by adjusting the formula of distribution which favored South Florida.

2. Working to preserve and expand the military resources in Florida which resulted in a $54 Billion a year economic impact.

3. Serving as Chairman of Military and Veterans Affairs Committee to address the quality of life for the military members and their families. We granted diplomas to Our Greatest Generation, made it a crime to disrupt a military funeral, did not raise any new taxes to fund generate more money in nursing home funding. Helped secure funding the National Cemetery. In addition presenting military appreciation day to the entire Florida House of Representatives bringing respect and gratitude to those who served, see www.floridasalutes.com
OBSERVER: If voters decide to send you back to Tallahassee, what will your top priorities be in the State Senate?
STAN JORDAN: Jobs! Jobs! Jobs! Get the economy moving with the right vehicle - free enterprise.
OBSERVER: The legislature recently attempted to cut pay for state workers making more than $45,000 per year. However, Governor Crist vetoed that out of the budget. Would you have supported making the cuts?
STAN JORDAN: Unfortunately during the extreme and complicated budget times, you have to do what you must in order to balance the budget. Most employees would rather take a small pay cut than to see their counterparts laid off. This practice has been quite prevalent in the past 18 months, public and private
OBSERVER: You spent 16 years on the Duval County School Board before heading to the legislature, and just last year you won back your seat on the School Board.  Some have been critical of your decision to resign after less than a year in office in order to seek this Senate seat.  How do you respond?
STAN JORDAN: Obviously Jim King’s passing was unexpected to this community. Serving on the Board this past year, will give me a current field prospective of the some of the issues that must be addressed with experience and insight. When I looked at the list of candidates I did not see any that provided emphasis on education and addressing the ongoing Military and Veterans Issues for the State.
OBSERVER: Speaking of your School Board seat, there are three candidates in the Special Election to fill that post.  Are you supporting anyone in that race?
STAN JORDAN: Not at this time.
OBSERVER: A lot of money has been spent by outside groups trying to impact the result of this election.  In particular, it seems as though John Thrasher and Dan Quiggle are taking the hardest beatings.  Do you think these outside groups should be allowed to engage this race in the way they have been?  What do you think, if anything, should be done to control these "independent" committees?
STAN JORDAN: Full disclosure upfront will probably lead to more accountability and responsibility.
OBSERVER: What's your favorite thing on the menu at the Beach Diners?
STAN JORDAN: French Toast
OBSERVER: Thanks very much for taking the time to talk with us, is there anything else you would like our readers to know about your campaign?  How can they get in touch with you?
STAN JORDAN: We are in to win and we are in to win with the least amount of money spent and that is the way I will serve Florida as a Senator. You contact our campaign office at 904-727-7544 or we are on the web at www.stanjordan.com. Join us for our Victory Celebration at Beach Diner 501 Atlantic Blvd. Atlantic Beach, Florida on September 15th after 7:30 PM until the votes have been tallied.

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  1. Stan Jordan is the only candidate talking about military issues.

    Jordan is the ONLY candidate willing to stand up for our men and women in uniform!!!!

  2. Unfortunately, I don't know who to support. I have never heard so much BS in my life as has come down in this campaign. Normally, I have done my due diligence and know who I am going to support, however, that is not the case here. I am going to try to discover who the lesser of teh political opprotunist are and vote that way. We certainly don't need anyone else in any level of government that is out for power and prestige. We have enough of that on the federal level!!!

  3. Finally a candidate talking about the real issues facing Northeast Florida. Refreshing. Shame on the other candidates. I'm voting for Jordan since he is man enough to stay out of the mud bucket. It was appropriate to run his info on 911. God Bless America and Florida. We need positive leadership like this.

  4. I find that Stan Jordan's points are very valid. He is very correct in that full disclosure upfront causes more accountability and responsibility and he has done this. I fully support Mr. Jordan, I believe he is the only candidate capable of fully serving NE Florida. Local ties and his careers make him the appropriate individual for the job.

  5. I about fell out of my trailer. This is actually a candidate that discusses the issues. Amazing. Thank you!!

  6. can we elect both Thrasher and Quiggle I like to watch them wrestle in the mud!

  7. I just saw a blog on another site from a blogger calling themselves gay jeb. The blogger said "Can we elect both Thrasher and Quiggle? I like to watch them wrestle in the mud!"

    Enough Said.

  8. if they are wrestling in the mud you better watch your wallet.........

  9. It sounds like he and Bush maybe were in the same unit......private to colonel in that short period of time.....I figure he must be over a hundred years old, he has covered
    a lot of time!!!!!

  10. Galloway
    From your comments it is clear that you have never served this country or maybe you were one of the "don't ask don't tell" that told. Are you wearing a pearl necklace like the one that Jeb gave Nancy McGowan?

  11. and singlewide crawls back out of his hole. instead of crawling back in the hole that I suggested last time why don't you go somewhere, take a shower, look in the mirror and see if you feel better. you crude sob.

  12. now now boys seperate yourselves with a crow bar. Back in the hole!

  13. After hearing it all and letting the mud settle to the floor where it belongs. The clear choice for this race is Stan Jordan. He has run an honorable campaign. He has discussed the issues. He is not a corrupt lobbyist (Thrasher), He is not a cowardly whiner sending his wife out to defend him (Quiggle) with no experiance other than gagging on the silver spoon that mommy and daddy slammed down his throat. Simply put Stan Jordan is an honorable self made man who will represent Northeast Florida well.