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Our Q&A With Senate Candidate Dan Quiggle


OBSERVER: Tell us a little about your background. What first made you decide to get into politics?

QUIGGLE: I grew up during the Reagan years. I was taught the principles of limited gov't, lower taxes and an undying optimism that America's best days are ahead of us. This inspired me to start my own businesses and continually fight to reign in wasteful gov't spending. I will fight for a better Florida for our children to live in with more economic opportunity and more freedom.


OBSERVER: We were all saddened by the recent passing of Senator King, he's left some big shoes to fill. What makes you the best man for the job?

QUIGGLE: Like everyone else, I was very upset to hear about the passing of Senator Jim King. He was a tremendous leader for the First Coast.

I'm a Ronald Reagan conservative who worked personally for President Ronald Reagan. I've got a record fighting wasteful government spending and defeating tax increases. As the State Chairman of Americans for Prosperity, I defeated a $250 million tax increase in Duval County and a $120 million sales tax increase in St. Johns County. If elected, I'm not afraid to stand up to the special interests in Tallahassee and reign in the wasteful spending. I am not a career politician.


OBSERVER: In your business and professional life, what are the three accomplishments you are most proud of?

QUIGGLE: I am incredibly proud of the opportunity that I had to work for President Ronald Reagan. He was always my personal political hero and working for him was like a dream.

I was also very proud when my business, America's Choice Title Company, was ranked as the 2nd fastest growing title company in the country by Inc. Magazine. We've always been blessed with a wonderful, hard-working staff.

More recently, I was thrilled last year when Americans for Prosperity defeated two separate tax increase proposals that totalled over $370 million. Unfortunately, both tax increase proposals were being pushed by Republicans! I'm running for office because I am simply tired of watching Republicans behave like Democrats.


OBSERVER: If voters decide to send you to Tallahassee, what will your top priorities be in the State Senate?

QUIGGLE: If elected, I will focus on cutting taxes, reigning in the wasteful spending, and protecting conservative values. I am solidly pro-life and have also received an 'A' rating from the National Rifle Association.

I am the only candidate in the race that has signed the Americans for Tax Reform pledge promising to oppose any tax increase. Right now, our elected officials should be focused on cutting taxes, not raising them.

Also, I am the only candidate in the race that has endorsed legislation to block Obama-care from taking effect here in Florida. As the State Chairman of Americans for Prosperity I have also held events throughout North Florida educating people about the dangers of big-government health care. We deserve free-market solutions to our health care crisis.


OBSERVER: The legislature recently attempted to cut pay for state workers making more than $45,000 per year. However, Governor Crist vetoed that out of the budget. Would you have supported making the cuts?

QUIGGLE: I would have supported the cuts. Our elected officials should manage their budget in the same way that Florida families manage a budget. The Tallahassee politicians are out of control. We need to reign in the wasteful spending.


OBSERVER: You mention frequently that you worked for Ronald Reagan after he left office. Some of your critics have taken issue with you, saying that you've attempted to distort or inflate your actual experience. How do you answer those charges and what exactly did you do while working in the Reagan office?

QUIGGLE: It is morally outrageous that my opponent would try to distort my service to the greatest leader of the 20th century. I was incredibly fortunate to have the opportunity to work in President Ronald Reagan's post-presidential office. I worked as an assistant in a staff of roughly a dozen people. This enabled me to spend a tremendous amount of private time with both the President and Mrs. Reagan.

During my time working for the President, George H.W. Bush, Dan Quayle, Malcolm Forbes, Mikhail Gorbachev, Margaret Thatcher, Mother Theresa, and many other people came by to visit our office. It was truly an opportunity to learn from a living legend.

In addition, Mrs. Reagan chose me as one of her, "Just Say No" spokesmen. In that capacity I traveled around and spoke at events with Mrs. Reagan.

After I left President Reagan's office, I still continued to work with the Reagan Foundation and kept in contact with President Reagan. Some of my favorite memories and photographs after I left his office are of President Reagan holding my children in his arms.

More recently, I was called back into service after the passing of President Ronald Reagan. His office asked me to fly out to California and work all week preparing for the private funeral service in Simi Valley. This event was one of the most touching moments in my life.


OBSERVER: You recalled at a recent forum that, before he passed away, Senator King encouraged you to enter the race for his seat. Can you tell us a little more about your conversation with Senator King and do you think he would have supported your candidacy?

QUIGGLE: I don't think it's proper to assume how Senator King would have responded to this campaign. Last year Senator King called me on the phone and encouraged me to run for his seat. He told me that my views were very closely aligned with the views of the taxpayers in the district.


OBSERVER: A lot of money has been spent by outside groups trying to impact the result of this election. Do you think these groups should have been allowed to engage this race in the way they have? What specifically, if anything, should be done to control these so-called "independent" committees?

QUIGGLE: I believe in disclosure. These 'independent' groups won't have to disclose their contributions until next year. That is simply outrageous.


OBSERVER: In terms of both style and policy positions, are there any current members of the State Legislature that you think you might model yourself after?

QUIGGLE: Although he left office late last year, I think that the most accurate comparison would be House Speaker Marco Rubio. As the State Chairman of Americans for Prosperity, I worked with Speaker Rubio to pass legislation that would have reigned in wasteful government spending increases on both the state and local level.

At the time, my opponent John Thrasher was hired as a lobbyist to defeat our legislation. The most outrageous part of this was that Thrasher was working as a taxpayer-funded lobbyist. Essentially, our tax dollars were paying for him to lobby against our own interests!


OBSERVER: What's your favorite place to grab a bite to eat?

QUIGGLE: I love the marinated chicken soft tacos at Cruisers Grill. Remember I have 3 kids!


OBSERVER: Thanks very much for taking the time to talk with us, is there anything else you would like our readers to know about your campaign? How can they get in touch with you?

QUIGGLE: We'll never change Tallahassee if we keep sending the same career politicians back there. I want to bring new, conservative leadership to the State Senate.

If any individual has a question for me, call my office directly at 904-638-9101, or visit us online at danquiggle.com

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  1. What I don’t understand is why Mr. Quiggle is sending out attack pieces against Mr. Jordan and Mr. Graham? The funny thing is the moron is using the home address of his campaign spokesman Adam Guillette as the return address!

    Way to run a campaign boys! Welcome to the Big Leagues, maybe next time you run for office, and you probably will run again even though you say you aren’t a career politician it looks to me you desire to become one, your campaign will not be so bush league!

  2. "I am solidly pro-life and have also received an ‘A’ rating from the National Rifle Association."

    I noticed he didn't mention his endorsement by the NRA, the united sportsmen, or fl right to life. Oh, wait...they already endorsed another candidate. I wonder about fl united businesses, the fraternal order of police, the florida police benevolent association, the coastal florida police benevolent association, Jeff Atwater, JEB, Crenshaw....

  3. Mr. Quiggle is a loose cannon - he's just the kind who will always attack people. His shrill accusations are starting to sound a little unbalanced, as does his frequently dropping out of sight, and his standing there mutely while his wife did his press conference for him.

    He and his wife have acknowledged publicly that far from being an outsider with a distaste for politicians, he's a political junkie and always has been. This is a guy who burns to be elected to something. His good fortune is he's a smooth talker who is very good at pushing the voters' buttons. The interview above, which Mr. Quiggle's campaign wrote, is a highly concentrated mix of poll-tested hot response words and phrases.

    All of his pontificating and "Reagan, Reagan, Reagan" were cast in a disturbing new light when it was revealed that he is, in fact, having clandestine meetings with the trial lawyers to coordinate their support. No matter how slimy Thrasher was in taping it, Quiggle's"principled stands" are still revealed as political conveniences as he aligns himself with the least conservative and most self-serving players in this election, in order to help himself.

    Mr. Quiggle is the heir to a long line of self-promoting frauds who wrap themselves in the flag. If elected, he'll be the Florida Senate's version of Joe McCarthy.

    By now we know better than to choose an inexperienced newcomer promising change.

  4. All he can say is he worked for Reagan, his wife calls all the shots, look at the press conference called, look whom attends all the events. Not Dan, but Luann.... something is a miss here I do believe.

  5. Reagan is not the greatest leader of the 20th century as much as you would like to think. I would probably have to go with....I don't know....Maybe FDR???

    I have a couple of questions that maybe some Quiggle fans can answer....

    1) Do all of the members of Americans for Prosperity vote to spend AFP money on the Quiggle Campaign or are Quiggle and Guilette just stealing the money???

    2) Quiggle states he started a bunch of businesses. That's great. However, is it true that he closed the doors and robbed employees of their pay in the process???? Is he being sued for any of it.

    3) Isn't Quiggle in the same camp as the last guy who ran for the Senate seat....Randall Terry?? Are they from the same clique out there in PVB????

    • Mr. Quiggle runs a "title mill", without the least bit of knowledge of the industry. Its all about the numbers and money. He and Adam Guilette hire very young, pretty cheerleader type girls straight out of college, mislead them about the challenges and workload, and pay them very little because they also have no knowledge of the industry.

      Mr. Quiggle's company was fined by the Dept. of Labor, had to pay employees settlements and forced to change the hours of operation. And yes, Frank, Mr. Quiggle has been known to withhold paying employees their vacation due, hours, etc. upon leaving. However, it may just depend on the circumstances of their departure and his mood.

      Adam is a laughingstock, Quiggle's mini-me and an inept idiot. The fact that he attempted to run for Mayor of Gainesville still leaves me laughing.

      Mr. Quiggle is the ultimate optimist, a go-getter with a constant smile and a knack for knowing how to get the business in the door for any enterprise he may begin, If there is any doubt about him getting along in DC, I believe he can sell snake oil and make you think it tastes like chicken.

      As usual, We The People are forced to choose between the lesser of two evils, and compared to Thrasher........ I just hope if Dan does win, Adam doesn't go to DC with him, he will be laughed out of the Senate.

  6. Drebin, you lost all credibility with your FDR comment. You obviously know nothing about history or of the disgusting, power-hungry, slimeball of a human being FDR was. That is what government standards and metrics will get you when it comes to education though folks. Try reading a book.

    09/10/2009 25,000.00 THRASHER JOHN E. 1303 OAKLANDING LANE ORANGE PARK, FL 32003

    Found this on another blog... That was only 4 days ago and Thrasher is self-reporting his address to be in Orange Park. What a liar!!

  7. You can find the Thrasher finance report on the State website where Thrasher lists his own address as being located in Orange Park... outside of District 8!!

    Quiggle and Terry have absolutely nothing in common.

  8. Thrasher is not only a liar but a paid liar. He is the most dispicable politician. He makes that crook Cunningham and Delay look like saints. Time to vote for Jordan. He is the only one to talk the issues while the lying SOB's slung mud at each other

  9. After hearing it all and letting the mud settle to the floor where it belongs. The clear choice for this race is Stan Jordan. He has run an honorable campaign. He has discussed the issues. He is not a corrupt lobbyist (Thrasher), He is not a cowardly whiner sending his wife out to defend him (Quiggle) with no experiance other than gagging on the silver spoon that mommy and daddy slammed down his throat. Simply put Stan Jordan is an honorable self made man who will represent Northeast Florida well.

  10. Stan Jordan needs to retire from public office. He has been in office a long, long time; but been a pretty consistent moderate Republican. His best days were on the school board long ago. He has no shot in this race whatsoever.

    It is obvious this race has become the trial lawyers against the business community and Florida consumers. ( follow the $ money)

    John Thrasher is the best conservative Republican statesman amomg these four men for District 8. It is incorrigible how people are trying to tarnish his legacy and reputation by distortion.

    One can only hope that Dan Quiggle gains some political experience on the local level before he's elected to serve in such a powerful seat.