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Download and Listen To Our State Senate Debate

special-electionOn Wednesday, September 9th, the Jacksonville Observer hosted a debate among three of the four candidates for State Senate. Participating were former House Speaker John Thrasher, School Board Member Stan Jordan, and City Councilman Art Graham.

The debate was moderated by Tom Patton of the Jacksonville Observer and it aired live on ABC 1320 WBOB.

You can now stream the debate in the player below, or if that doesn't work, click here to save the mp3 file and listen in Windows Media Player, on iTunes or transfer it to your portable device.

Interesting note: the slapping sound you hear near the very end of the debate is actually candidate Stan Jordan high-fiving candidate Art Graham after Graham's final statement included a zinger aimed squarely at Dan Quiggle, the only candidate who was unable to participate in the debate.

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