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John Meserve, Martha Barrett Win Local Races

Despite an ongoing investigation by the State Attorney's Office, Republican John Meserve easily defeated Democrat Dave Smith to win a seat on the Jacksonville City Council. Smith had faced some legal issues of his own earlier this year, being arrested on a marijuana possession charge and pleading no contest.

Meserve won 68% to Smith's 32%.

The seat was opened by the resignation of Art Graham, who was one of the candidates in the State Senate special election.

Former School Board member Martha Barrett won the seat being vacated by another Senate candidate, Stan Jordan, without the need for a run-off. Barrett picked up 56% of the total, getting a lot of help from absentee voters. Veteran teacher James Moser finished second with 28%, ahead of Clayton Vandiver who captured 16% and third place. Barrett outspent second-place finisher James Moser by more than 15-1 in order to secure her victory.

The School Board race would have gone to a run-off had Barrett failed to secure over 50% of the vote.

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  1. It's sad and strange that this City Council election only attracted two questionable characters, instead of so much as one strong candidate.

  2. Its a shame when the election process fails the citizens of mayport if a poll was taken of mayport meserve would have lost once a liar always a liar ignorance of the law is no excuse especially when you are a public official much less than a naval captain you have disgrace your office.and im sure if the states attorney digs deep enough there are other questionable pratices as well.