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Thrasher Wins Big

thrasherWith just under 40 percent of the vote in an all-Republican four-way race, former House Speaker John Thrasher was the easy winner Tuesday night in the election to replace the late Sen. Jim King.

Thrasher had about 13,200 votes in unofficial returns. His closest rival was Ponte Vedra businessman Dan Quiggle who had 9,200. Stan Jordan and Art Graham were farther back. The seat includes parts of several northeast counties from north of Jacksonville to northern Volusia County.

By 7:30 the early returns were painting a clear picture. John Thrasher easily lead in all counties among absentee and early voters. And by the time all of the votes had been counted, shortly before 10pm, Thrasher supporters were in full celebration. The hard-fought campaign likely cost more than $2 million when you include money spent directly by the candidates as well as funds spent by the various independent groups who injected themselves into the race.

Thrasher will now face 3 write-in candidates in a largely ceremonial general election on October 6th.

The (unofficial) results...

John Thrasher -- 13,247 votes (39%)
Dan Quiggle -- 9,201 votes (27%)
Stan Jordan -- 5,649 votes (16%)
Art Graham -- 5,636 votes (16%)

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  1. I wouldn't exactly call it winning big Austin. First of all, he didn't break 40%. And he spent 5 times the money so it was expected.

    Graham and Jordan should be commended for running honorable and clean races.

    While I did not like Quiggle, he was the Libertarian candidate in the race. Whether you like the Libertarian cause or not, 27% for them is good. It just seems like they are making headway in the Republican party.