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Early Voting Begins

vote_1Early voting has begun in the Special Election to fill the late Jim King's State Senate Seat. Now you might be thinking, didn't we already do this? Well, yes. But that was the Primary and this is the General election.

So technically, it's not official until someone wins the General election... although it's pretty safe to assume that the candidate who will win is the candidate who actually has his name printed on the ballot: John Thrasher.

Three write-in candidates have also qualified. Write-in votes cast for non-qualified candidates will not be recognized or counted by the Supervisor of Elections.

In Atlantic Beach, voters will pick a new mayor and a city commissioner in two contested races. Running for mayor are Milton "Sarge" Hall and Mike Borno. In the race for Commissioner Seat 5, three candidates are in the mix: George Hromco, Jonathan Daugherty, and Michael Hoffmann.

Early voting for this special election started this morning and will be held Monday, September 28th, through Saturday, October 3rd, from 9:30 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. each day.

For this election, early voting will only take place at the Supervisor of Elections Downtown Main Office.


There are four valid candidates in the State Senate race, but only one who will actually appear on the ballot...

John Thrasher (Republican)
Robert Ratten (Write-in)
John P. Rosso (Write-in)
Alden Lawrence Antin Bryanton Jr. (Write-in)

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