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‘Meatballs’ Has Healthy Second Helping

A second weekend on the big screen brought nothing but sunny skies for "Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs."

The animated feature from Sony Pictures again topped the box office with $24.6 million, according to studio estimates Sunday. That's a drop of just 19% from its $30.3 million opening, which set a September record for a cartoon.

"It's very satisfying to have a movie that we all love so much be embraced by the public as well," says Sony's Rory Bruer.

The Bruce Willis film "Surrogates," which boasts a reported $80 million price tag, pulled in only $15 million for No. 2. The remake of the 1980 musical "Fame" also didn't quite live up to its name or industry expectations, earning just slightly more than $10 million to nail the No. 3 spot.

Final figures are due today.

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