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Hogan and Moran Launch Mayoral Bids

candidatesDuval County Tax Collector Mike Hogan and Audrey Moran, the president of the Sulzbacher Center, have told the Florida Times-Union that they will open mayoral campaign accounts today.

Moran worked in the State Attorney's office under Ed Austin, was Chair of the Downtown Development Authority, chief of staff for Mayor John Delaney, and is now heading up the Sulzbacher Center.

Moran flirted with running for State Attorney last year, but a week after announcing her campaign she dropped out of the race citing concerns that her election could cause a conflict with her husband's and brother-in-law's judgeships. Moran's husband is County Judge John Moran and her brother-in-law is Circuit Court Judge Donald R. Moran, Jr.

Mike Hogan served on the City Council for two-terms and in the State House for a little over two years prior to being elected Tax Collector in 2003.

Hogan's term will expire in 2011.

And just like that, we're off to the races.

It's comes as little surprise that Hogan and Moran are running for mayor.  Both have had their names actively floated for months and have been working to secure behind-the-scenes support. But now that their campaign accounts are open, the dash for cash will begin in earnest.

If you thought the recent special election for State Senate was an expensive campaign, hold on to your hat. Candidates for Mayor in the March 2011 election may need to raise at least a million dollars each, if not more, in order to have a viable shot at winning.

Other Republicans widely expected to join the race in the coming months are: Supervisor of Elections Jerry Holland, Publisher Jim Bailey, Councilman Kevin Hyde and possibly General Counsel Rick Mullaney. The lone major Democrat rumored to be considering the race is Councilwoman Glorious Johnson, a recent party-switcher.

Four other candidates have already filed to run for mayor, including: Clayton Junkins (Republican), Warren Lee (Democrat), Dan Newman (No Party), and M.G. Kramer (No Party). None of these candidate have yet raised significant amounts of money or seem to be waging serious campaigns for the office as of this moment. (See our interview with Clayton Junkins.)

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  1. A pair of worn-out insiders, that's all we need.

    I'm not sure which one I'm less inclined to vote for, the guy who takes my tax money every year or the lady who feeds ham sammiches to crack heads, enabling them to devote their full energy to finding more crack.

    It's such a close call!