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Romney to Headline Duval GOP’s Lincoln Day


The Duval County Republican Party announced today that former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney will be the keynote speaker for an event honoring Tom Petway's service to the Republican Party.

The event, then called Lincoln Day, was previously scheduled for the Spring and was to feature Karl Rove as the main attraction. However, Rove was forced to back out of the event due to a scheduling conflict that kept him in Washington.

The Romney event will take place in Jacksonville on Monday evening, November 9th at a venue yet to be announced. Finalized details will be released and tickets will go on sale this Friday, October 9th.

Duval Republican Chairman Lenny Curry said the event is expected to be a sell-out and every effort is being made to accommodate the many Mitt Romney fans, as well as those of Mr. Petway, who are expected to purchase tickets for this special evening.

"This dinner will be the foremost Republican event held in Duval County for the last several years. With the combined popularity of Governor Romney and our own Tom Petway, Northeast Florida voters should plan to purchase their tickets early to ensure their seat at the dinner," said Curry.

Governor Romney, a 2008 Presidential candidate, carried Duval County winner in the 2008 Presidential Preference Primary.

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  1. “Romney is too spent. “In a sense he’s the best candidate in terms of that he looks like a candidate, he’s educated like a candidate, but just watching him on social issues and stuff move back and forth”---- Republican Rep. Tom Davis

    Romney is too spent and too unemployed to be president, maybe a inspirational speaker for people who lose elections.

  2. Romney's one of my favorite Republicans. While no one is perfect, he's credible, articulate, and has a proven track record. Were the Presidential election today, he woud be the best choice.

  3. Next season we will see all the GOP hopefuls emerge from obscurity to the bright lights of 24/7 exposure they face. However glaring their profile or much dirt digging that goes on, there is nothing the critics will find in a serious vein that will sink Romney. The Flip-Flop rant holds no weight... Reagan changed his mind too! As far as Mandatory Healthcare in MA, most states 30 years ago did the same thing with auto insurance. Besides, who dominated the state legislature? The man is magic with economics and unafraid of US foreign relations. He's fluent in French (couldn't hurt) and has a proven business & govt. record.

  4. Mr Turner, I like Mitt Romney very much. He was my choice in the last election. The reason was he's a good financial director: and oh, how the nation could use him now!
    The reality is we have 3 long years before we send Obama back to Chicago (the town with no Olympics). That means we don't know what challenges we'll be facing then: which means we shouldn't decide who our candidate is before we know what our issues are.

    I suspect the deficit will be a huge issue by the time the Dems are finished running up the credit cards, and that would make Romney strong. But we'll just have to wait and see.

  5. He looks like Legal Eagle.

  6. I am pleased that Jacksonville is hosting this event and welcome Mitt Romney. I hope he has a chance to tour the Riverside, Avondale area and experience some of the historically preserved beauty of this fine city. I beleive he would be remiss if he missed it.

  7. Raymond, I think Gov. Romney is a solid conservative. His credentials are great, and he's shown himself to be a genuine public servant.

    I don't mind the fact that he has his own money (re: Country Club Republican). In fact I think it illustrates he can handle it, as opposed to what we have for a President today.

    I don't think the Governor is "annointed" nor do I think he's a villan. I understand you've some political connections, so I'll aquiess on the accusation that he's arrogant. I just wonder if you're mistaking "confidence" with arrogance. The man certainly has a lot to be confident about.

    For the record, I supported the Governor in the last election, if he bought votes, he didn't buy mine. I found him to be fair, fiscally sound, conservative, tough, and honorable.

    On this issue, we will have to agree to disagree.