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Don’t Forget to Vote

vote_1Today is Election Day for anyone living in State Senate District 8. 

Now you might be thinking, didn't we already do this? Well, yes. But that was the Primary and this is the General election.  The contest to fill the late Jim King's State Senate Seat was essentially decided when John Thrasher won the GOP Primary on September 15, but he won't officially be Senator-elect until tonight when the polls close.

Three write-in candidates have also qualified.

It's important to note that write-in votes cast for non-qualified candidates *will not be recognized or counted* by the Supervisor of Elections. 

While some have circulated emails urging people to write-in former candidate Dan Quiggle's name, those votes will not be counted or reported by the Supervisor of Elections.  There are only four valid candidates in the State Senate race, and only one who will actually have their name printed on the ballot...

John Thrasher (Republican)
Robert Ratten (Write-in)
John P. Rosso (Write-in)
Alden Lawrence Antin Bryanton Jr. (Write-in)

Votes for a write-in candidate must also be spelled correctly, so it's probably pretty safe to assume that Alden Lawrence Antin Bryanton Jr. won't be getting too many valid votes.

In Atlantic Beach, voters will pick a new mayor and a city commissioner in two contested races. Running for mayor are Milton "Sarge" Hall and Mike Borno. In the race for Commissioner Seat 5, three candidates are in the mix: George Hromco, Jonathan Daugherty, and Michael Hoffmann.

Polls close at 7pm and turnout is expected to be extremely light.

3 Responses »

  1. Tired of getting screwed over by the system?


    It's a protest vote you can feel good about.

  2. I voted for John P. Rosso, because he's the only one of the write-in candidates that's actually campaigning at all. The other guys just wanted to close the primary.

    Rosso for Senate - do away with elected officials and let the people vote and decide. Vote for John P. Rosso please people.

  3. A special thanks to the write in clowns. Thank you for wasting tax payer dollars.