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Thrasher Easily Bests Write-in Candidates to Win Seat

John Thrasher made it official on Tuesday, winning 10,181 votes (or 88.8%) in the Special General Election to fill the State Senate seat formerly held by the late Jim King.

Voter turnout was extremely light with only 11,818 out of 345,018 eligible voters bothering to take time to cast a ballot in a race that most considered decided already. That's a dismally low 3.4% turnout.

Even the number of write-in votes is somewhat misleading, because each Supervisor of Elections is reporting a total of votes cast for a write-in but not yet a breakdown of the actual candidates that were written in.

When the final results come in over the next day or two, we'll get a better idea of how many people wrote-in one of the three valid candidates and how many just wrote-in Mickey Mouse or some other invalid option.

It's expected that the vast majority of write-in voters were not actually for any of the three men who qualified as write-in candidates, none of whom mounted a serious campaign.

Of those three, the only one to even open a campaign account was John P. Rosso who lent his campaign $100. Robert Ratten was voiced in some online communities as a choice for a protest vote. It's not known right now, but those two may have drawn perhaps several dozen votes each.

A third candidate had an impossibly long and difficult to spell name and likely drew very few actual votes.

The City of Atlantic Beach also elected a new mayor and commissioner today.

The results from those races are as follows...

x Mike Borno 73.99% 1,030 votes
Milton "Sarge" Hall 26.01% 362 votes

Commissioner (Seat 5)
x Jonathan Daugherty 63.02% 830 votes
Michael Hoffmann 22.55% 297 votes
George Hromco 14.43% 190 votes

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