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New Georgia Music Store Adds a Church Feel

WMAZ-TV (Macon, Ga.)

MACON, Ga. - For music lovers, the new Ken's Pro Sound store now looks like a heavenly haven.

From guitars to drums, to amplifiers, Ken's seems to have it all, including a church.

Complete with red pews to seat 70 people, sound and video systems and a pulpit, the sanctuary sits in the center of the store.

"First thing when people walk in they say, 'That's a great idea ... a church inside a music store,' " said owner Ken Jones.

Part of the reason, he said, is to demonstrate church sound systems for pastors and their staffs - a big part of their market.

"We've got a live functioning sanctuary in the store where we can show pastors and assistants how they work, how they go together and everything," Jones said.

But he'll also rent the tiny church out to any congregation that wants to have its services there.

The store's church he said is not only limited to pastors and their choirs. It offers anyone the chance to record their own CD and even hold a concert if they want.

He said he wanted to offer more than just musical instruments.

"We've done something very unique and very different than anyone else has ever done and I think it's a big need for that."

He said Macon's musical heritage lives on through people today who are passionate about the craft.

"With all the musical heritage we've had all these years, we did not have a first class music store dedicated to nothing but music."

From churches to upcoming solo artists, Jones calls it a one-stop shop in the heart of a city where music legends were made.

"I have gotten a tremendous amount of feedback from people walking in the door that heard word of mouth before we started advertising that they can't believe something like this is in Macon, Georgia. I say why not. This is America!"

"I think it's a beautiful store. I think it's wonderful that Macon has something like this," said customer Pamela Sanford.

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