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F-16 Pilot Missing After Collision

Shaw Air Force Base, S.C. - Two F-16 fighter jets from Shaw Air Force Base near Sumter, S.C., collided in mid-air Thursday night, leaving the condition of one pilot and his fighter unknown.

The collision happened over the Atlantic Ocean 40 miles east of Folly Beach, near Charleston, at about 8:30 p.m. The jets were taking part in night training maneuvers when the accident happened.

The F-16 piloted by Capt. Lee Bryant was able to land safely at the Charleston Air Force Base. Bryant was unharmed.

Both the other pilot, Capt. Nicholas Giglio, and his jet are missing. The Coast Guard is searching the ocean east of Charleston using both aircraft and surface vessels. The U.S. Navy and Charleston Air Force Base are also involved.

A spokesperson from the Coast Guard said they've narrowed the search to an area that's roughly 23 by 33 miles, 10 miles off of Bulls Bay, which is near the coastal community of Awendaw, S.C.

The extent of damage to Bryant's plane is not yet known.

There were similar incidents involving Shaw aircraft in 2005 and 2006. In each of those events all pilots involved survived.

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