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No Surprise: Corrine Brown Opts Out of Senate Race

Brown-announces-Florida-Senate-runCorrine Brown won't be running for U.S. Senate.

“Many people have told me that I would be a great Senator one day, but right now they say they need me in the House to fight their fights and make a difference,” Brown said. “I believe I could have defeated Charlie Crist, because substance always trumps photo-ops, but right now I need to look after my constituents.”

Despite opening an exploratory committee, few politicos actually thought Brown was serious about making the race.  Theories about her shadow campaign have labeled it as either a publicity stunt or a fundraising scheme.  Either way, Brown has decided to stick with the job she's held since 1992.

"During these hard economic times, Congresswoman Brown's experience and continued leadership will benefit all Floridians, as Democrats in Congress work to jumpstart our economy, create jobs and reform the broken health insurance system," Florida Democratic leader Karen Thurman said.

Congressman Kendrick Meek, now the clear frontrunner for the Democratic Senate nomination, issued a statement thanking Brown for her service.

"The families of northeast and central Florida are fortunate to have Chairwoman Corrine Brown as their Congresswoman," Meek said. "I respect her career of legislative accomplishments, and with her seniority there is no greater advocate in Congress to help bring high-speed rail to central Florida and thousands of jobs to the I-4 corridor. Job fairs that she has organized in Jacksonville and Orlando are helping to put thousands of people back to work and only Congresswoman Brown can deliver those results. I look forward to continuing to work alongside Congresswoman Brown and deliver a shared agenda of progress for the people of Florida."

Brown will now focus her full attention on seeking re-election to her House seat next year.  Three candidates have already filed to challenge her in the heavily-Democratic district.  Two are Republicans: Mike Yost and Jake Hoechst.  The third is Terry Martin-Back who is running with No Party Affiliation.

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  1. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Ms. Browns is so full of BS that.... oh, never mind.

    She is, however, full of BS nonetheless.

    She states "...I could have defeated Charlie Crist, because substance always trumps photo-ops, but right now I need to look after my constituents.”

    So, Ms. Brown, you couldn't "look after your constituents" better if you were a Senator instead of a Representative? Come on, get real, just admit that there was no way you would have defeated the likes of Crist or Rubio.

    Brown is a crook who deserves to be in jail, not the US House of Representatives.

  3. She may be a crook but she is definitely an idiot. The woman can barely spit out a simple sentence and is incapable of rational though. To watch her on CSPANN is to cry for our country. YouTube has several videos if you've never witnessed the spectacle. No wonder the country is in such poor shape with people like her in the Congress. That she keeps getting elected is the real tragedy.

    • She is DEFINITELY a crook.

      Remember when:
      - She failed to disclose $40k of income to the IRS when she sold her Tallahassee travel agency?
      - She left a long trail of unpaid bills from businesses she owned in Gainesville, Jax and Tallahassee?
      - Airlines sued her for $94k because her company, Springfield Travel Agency, falsified sales reports?
      - She owed Univ of Fl $5,700 and tried to pay with a bad check?
      - The IRS went after her for $14k in unpaid taxes

      etc, etc.

      She is a crook and should be behind bars, not in the US House of Reps.

  4. Why a story on a loser thats not even running...who cares.