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New Crist Radio Ads Blast Obama on Stimulus

Charlie Crist has begun airing the first radio ads of the U.S. Senate race – blasting President Obama for his freespending of taxpayer money, some of which the governor earlier endorsed.

A pair of 60-second spots have begun airing statewide – one sending a “message” to Obama that “enough is enough.” The other claims “Washington is out of control.

“Yet the president has the same tired answer for every problem – to spend more of your money,” the spot begins.

Crist’s approach to Obama and federal spending is a departure from just months ago.

Shortly after joining Obama in Fort Myers during a February town hall visit aimed at drumming up support for the federal stimulus package, Crist hailed the almost $13 billion earmarked for Florida over three years.

“I couldn’t be more pleased with how this turned out,” Crist said, when it became clear the federal handout would help avoid tax increases.

Crist’s Republican rival for the Senate nomination, former House Speaker Marco Rubio, seized on the governor’s apparent change-of-heart.

“Just like government can’t tax and spend its way to prosperity, Charlie Crist can’t fund-raise and spend his way into being a conservative,” Alex Burgos, Rubio’s campaign spokesman said Friday.

Rubio has sought to corner the GOP’s most conservative wing in his campaign.

But Crist is clearly pushing back, and he has the campaign cash that allows him to make an early foray into advertising on relatively inexpensive conservative talk radio. Crist has raised $6.7 million for the Senate race, compared with Rubio’s $1.3 million.

Crist campaign spokesman Dane Eagle said the spots are “focused on the governor’s core principles of fiscal conservatism.”

In the ads, Crist also touts having cut state government spending by 10 percent, or $7 billion. The governor also says he has helped pass “the biggest tax cuts in Florida history” – a reference to the $25 billion in property-tax savings over five years expected to be achieved through last year’s Amendment 1 initiative and earlier reductions.

State economists have since downsized those savings levels because of declining property values, although the multi-billions of dollars in savings still achieved may support Crist’s claim.

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  1. These ads are a joke.

    Crist is a laughable "republican."

  2. This article below was on the St Pete Times Blog last week regarding the hypocrisy & the disingenous ad put forth from the Crist Campaign:


    And today in the Americna Spectator, Larry Thornberry mentions that as well:

    http://spectator.org/archives/2009/10/19/charlie-sees-red Charlie Sees Red

    The American Spectator : Charlie Sees Red
    Source: spectator.org

    TAMPA -- Charlie Crist is trying to dress himself in the borrowed robes of a conservative. Even Macbeth, another ambitious guy, knew when the robes weren't his.


    The people of Florida, especially Republicans have been watching this governor and he has a liberal record, Crist is philosophically much closer to a Democrat, despite the rhetoric.

  3. Gov Crist was recently selected as the most fiscally conservative Governor in the US. Furthermore, we can all remember that the Stimulus Package was first touted as being heavily focused on infrastructure improvements. It has also been well reported that Gov Crist's use of the infrastructure dollars that we did receive have been judicially spent. Florida's ROI on these dollars will be significantly higher than other states, as he has focused the spending on road widening as well as new roads and bridges, versus just "black topping" existing roads.
    The Federal Stimulus package would be having a great deal more success if the President would have stuck with the plan as first discussed with our Governor, and more State's would have followed our lead.

  4. Crist is running three campaings. Cirst vs Rubio. Then Theres Crist vs Crist ( this version vs the previuos 3 versions) and finally Crist vs his record( Largest tax increases in State history, Bailouts for Big Sugar and Developers like the stanaki Land deal). He needs a head start and big donations form the industries (utiltities, insurance , bankers, lawyers, developers )