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D.C. Sniper’s Ex-Wife Releases ‘Tell-All’ Book

WASHINGTON - Mildred Muhammad is not scared silent any longer.

Her book titled 'Scared Silent' recounts her 12-year marriage to convicted D.C. sniper John Allen Muhammad. She maintains her ex-husband's plot to randomly kill people in 2002 was a smokescreen, and part of Muhammad's plan to hunt her down so her murder could be blamed on the D.C. sniper.

Mildred Muhammad has dedicated her book to her three children from her marriage to John Muhammad and her dedication to domestic violence awareness.

She says all she wanted was a simple life, to be a good wife and a good mother. But her life has been anything but simple. Now seven years after the deadly attacks she faces the Nov. 10, 2009, execution of her children's father.

Mildred Muhammad has long since come to terms that her ex-husband who threatened to kill her was the same person the nation feared as the D.C. sniper who gunned down 10 people and critically injured three others.

Muhammad says, "I had to realize it quick because my children were falling apart emotionally.

At a book signing Monday night in Washington she recounted her 12-year marriage and the deadly attacks but some have criticized the timing of the book's release.

She says, "My reaction is I began writing long before we knew there was an execution date. I'm not trying to profit from anybody."

She says the John Muhammad today is not the man she married and that she loved him very much.

When asked if she wanted her ex-husband to be executed, Mildred Muhammad would only say she believes in the judicial system.

Muhammad says after years of verbal abuse by her ex-husband she has trained herself to be void of any emotion when it comes to the man she once loved. She says whenever John Muhammad's name comes up she automatically turns her attention to her children's well-being especially now dealing with their father's impending execution.

She has long since said goodbye to the John Muhammad she knew. The only connection is through her children's emotions.

Quoting from her memoir she writes, "I cannot comprehend how I will feel when that day comes, but I will have to lead my children through their grief." Something she says she will do, "with prayer."

She says she doesn't know how she will deal with the grief because it's unchartered territory.

When asked if she can imagine life without her children's father, Mildred Muhammad responded, "I already have that. My children will have a difficult time understanding he is no longer alive. they will have to live with how he died and he is no longer here.

She is now remarried to Rueben Muhammad. She says her family will be together on the day of her ex-husband's execution.

Mildred Muhammad believes the system failed her. She says she filed for a protection order well before the sniper attacks began and before John Muhammad kidnapped their three children for 18 months. She says authorities did not enter the protective order into the system until the sniper attacks and that protection order was what held Muhammad in custody.

She believes this is a domestic violence case that escalated beyond anyone's imagination and to an extraordinary level. She now fights for victim's of domestic violence. She educates them about the process to empower them through her organization called After the Trauma.

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