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Crist Campaign Touting New Poll Numbers

It's been a rough couple of days for the Charlie Crist campaign with new polls from Rasmussen Reports and Quinnipiac University showing the Governor's lead over his main challenger dropping from about 30% to 15%.

But the Crist campaign is eager to share a new poll that shows the Governor still holding onto a 24% lead.

The Police Benevolent Association, which formally endorsed the Governor yesterday, released results from a poll they commissioned through McLaughlin & Associates. The survey of 500 likely Republican voters purportedly shows Crist leading with 52.8% to Marco Rubio's 29.4%.

“This poll shows that the Gov. Crist beats his challenger handily, and the Governor also has an extremely high approval rating,” said David Murrell, Executive Director of the Florida PBA.

The PBA poll also shows Crist's approval rating at a sky-high 67% -- far above other recently released polls that gave him around a 50% approval rating.

“It appears that Republican voters are quite satisfied with Governor Crist’s management of the affairs of Florida and approve of his campaign for the U.S. Senate,” said Murrell.

While this poll gives Crist supporters something positive to point to, the overall trend of a tightening race between Crist and Rubio can't be disputed. It will be interesting to see how these numbers evolve once both campaigns begin to deploy their multi-million dollar ad budgets. Crist holds a significant fundraising advantage as of the last quarter, but the Rubio campaign is clearly picking up some steam.

Another factor in the race could be the new candidacy of former U.S. Senator Bob Smith, who is pitching himself as an alternative to the right of both Crist and Rubio. Smith has taken to attacking both other candidates very harshly on the immigration issue. But it remains to be seen what kind of impact he'll have on the larger race.

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  1. The Jax Observer headline attempts to High 5 the governor's Senate campaign which massages the polling news for Team Crist..

    No mention here of U.S. Senate candidate Marco Rubio winning every single REC straw poll (12 thus far) in Florida, including a recent one in Palm Beach County: 90 for Rubio V Crist -17.

    Mentioned in passing here but not stated, is the Rasmussen poll which came out yesterday which is far more credible than a PBA police UNION poll. It shows only a 14 pt spread between these candidates

    The Florida Chamber of Commerce poll which came out last week has the lead cut in half & now they're at 14pts apart , as does does yesterday's Rasmussen poll results.

    Including the news that Marco Rubio beats Democrat K. Meek buy a larger margin (15 pts) than the governor does (12).


    It goes without saying that a vote for Bob Smith, who has no shot at winning, is a vote for Gov. Crist.

    The consistent news (again not noted), is that in evey single poll thus far in this Senate race- Rubio's numbers go up and Gov. Crist's go down.

    And the trend continues.

    • "It’s been a rough couple of days for the Charlie Crist campaign with new polls from Rasmussen Reports and Quinnipiac University showing the Governor’s lead over his main challenger dropping from about 30% to 15%."

      We've taken note of Rubio's sharp rise and Crist's sharp decline. We noted that the poll was done by a group that just endorsed Crist. In the past we've noted Rubio's numerous straw poll wins.

      Is Smith a total non-factor? Probably. Although, as someone told me, Marco also started out at 3% in the polls. And even if he doesn't gain traction, he's still drawing votes and potentially impacting the race -- so he's relevant to mention.

      Rubio has clearly made this into a competitive race.

  2. Rubio has nowhere to go but up.

    As for REC polls, if the REC straw polls meant anything, Romney would have won FL in a walk.

  3. Charlie Crist has no shame. This poll is an absolute joke.

    The PBA endorses him then come out with a poll to downplay the importance of the chamber poll.

    Well, guess what? First comes the Chamber poll showing Rubio gaining ground in a big way. Then comes Quinnipiac showing Rubio gaining ground in a big way. Then comes the Rasmussen poll showing Rubio gaining ground in a big way...and likely to beat Meek by 15 points.

    Crist is toast. We still have 10 months to go befoer the primary, too. Bye Bye, Charlie.

  4. My name is Alexander Andrew Snitker. I am running as a candidate for the United States Senate in 2010 for the State of Florida. I am a Libertarian candidate. I believe that the 2 party system has failed us as a country and we need citizens-legislators in Washington to put us back on track for liberty and prosperity for all Americans.
    I am sure that you can agree that most of the elected officials are no longer listening to the people. The time has come to make your voices heard. We will have a unique opportunity here in the state of Florida to show the rest of the country that a candidate with ideas who cannot be bought by special interests can WIN.
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    Alexander Snitker
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    • Alexander,

      Can you provide some personal info - your site is pretty bare on that aspect. What's your background, experience, etc?

  5. We must support true conservatives, like Marco Rubio, if we are to defeat Obama's liberal agenda. It is amazing that Charlie Crist is running radio ads touting his so called conservative record after he publically endorsed Obama's stimulus plan, supports cap and trade, and appointed a liberal democrat to the Florida Supreme Court.

  6. Bob Smith?

    Is this John Doe's brother?

  7. Austin,

    Smith may end up being a major factor. As a fact he has the most experience of any candidate in the race, has the most consistently conservative voting record in the race, and is a great campaigner. Rubio is the hot candidate now and he is good. But as people see Smith is serious and look at his record and see his is not just some politician I think they will gravitate towards him.