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Somer Thompson Laid to Rest, Hunt Continues for Killer

sommerMore than 700 people attended today's memorial service for Sommer Thompson, the first-grade girl who disappeared last week ago while walking home from school. Her body was found in a Georgia landfill over the weekend.

The service was held at First Baptist Church of Orange Park and featured an outpouring of community support for the family and loved ones that Somer left behind. Purple flowers -- her favorite color -- covered the top of the girl's closed wooden casket and mourners released purple balloons.

Meanwhile, officials continue to hunt for the man responsible for the little girl's tragic murder.
"As long as it takes we are going to find whoever did this," said Clay Sheriff Rick Beseler.

Anyone with any information about the case are asked to call the Clay County Sheriff's Office Tip Line at 877-227-6911 or send an e-mail to cart@claysheriff.com.

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  1. I'm pretty sure the statistics would show that a male would fit the profile for this crime. But do you think it's fair to report that a male is responsible for this when no facts have proven so? I just don't recall they identified a male as a suspect yet.

  2. did they check her body for fingerprints at all or hair or anything like that? And a woman is just as capable of killing a little girl as a male is...women can be a sexual assaulter as well

  3. I am sure they found something ( semen or whatever ) to know for sure it is a man, come on ppl, they r not stupid to just go and accuse a man if it could be either