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Duncan Hunter Backing Bob Smith in Florida Primary

Retired Congressman Duncan Hunter (R-CA) has issued a strongly worded statement that spells out his endorsement of former U.S. Senator Bob Smith in his long-shot bid for the Republican nomination for Florida’s U.S. Senate seat.

Hunter, a 28 year veteran of the U.S. House, chaired the House Armed Services Committee from 2003-2007. He was a Presidential candidate in the 2008 Republican primaries, where his best showing was a third place finish in Wyoming.

“I’ve worked with Bob Smith on National Defense Issues for more than 20 years,” said Hunter. “As a House member and a U.S. Senator, Bob Smith made a major contribution to America’s military posture. His special attention to the equipment needs of our military personnel was extraordinary. Beyond that, Bob Smith’s persistent support of missile defense, an area in which he specialized, was a major reason for our present U.S. missile defense capabilities."

Smith's campaign has seemed to be heavily focused on his opposition to illegal immigration and so-called amnesty proposals. But with Hunter's support, he's adding a national security element to his message that may help him broaden his appeal. Smith served in the U.S. Navy during the 1960's, including a tour in Vietnam. Neither Governor Crist nor Speaker Rubio, the current front-runners in the Senate race, have much foreign policy or military experience in their background.

"In an increasingly dangerous world, we need Bob Smith’s experience and judgment in the U.S. Senate,” Hunter concluded.

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  1. Smith has strong conservative positions on the issues and a 28-year voting record supporting those positions.

    As with every election, voters will have to decide whether a candidate’s position and record on the issues they find important outweigh the mistakes, foibles, poor reasoning or missteps common to all candidates.

    Remember Dan Quayle who read a cue card which misspelled the word potato? To some, that was enough to disqualify him for office.

    Remember when President Ford tripped on a step when disembarking from an airplane? That was enough for some to think of him as weak and question his eligibility for office.

    Remember in the California U.S. Senate race when Sen. Cranston defeated the Republican candidate who was an experienced business man and strong conservative except he was pro-choice? Pro-life advocates abandoned the Republican. Later, Cranston was one of the leaders in the U.S. Senate to lead the charge to bork Bork for nomination to the SCOTUS. Bork would have been an outstanding justice on the life issue.

    The challenge is to temper emotional reactions and look at the big picture.

  2. This wouldn't have anything to do w/ Smith endorsing Hunter for President would it?......nawwwwwwwww.

    I like Hunter, and what I've seen about Smith's past isn't horribly bad, though I can't understand how he could endorse that traitor John Kerry, but I think his time has passed and he needs to step back from this race.

    Maybe wait till 2012 and knock Nelson out.


    And when I see his pic I can't help to keep thinking what the left will be saying;

    "Hey look, The GOP is putting up another 'old white guy'."

    • Better than the corrupt black guy the dems are trying to give up? Or the unethical, no accomplishment Obama clone Rubio? Or stimulus Charlie?

  3. An "old white guy" who bravely stood or the leftist Marxist candidate. Hmmm....

    For whom should I vote?

  4. Smith backed Hunter in 2008 (something this article does not mention) so I really have no problem with Hunter repaying Smith back for being loyal.