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Editorial: Governor Romney, Welcome Back!

mcgowan-guestMonday night at the Duval County R.E.C. Lincoln Day Dinner, over 750 North East Florida Republicans gave a warm welcome to their number one 2008 Presidential primary favorite, Gov. Mitt Romney. Romney delivered an energized keynote speech downtown at the Hyatt honoring dedicated community leader, Tom Petway.

Duval County R.E.C. Chairman Lenny Curry, Ambassador John Rood, State Committeewoman Cindy Graves and others should be commended for coordinating this spectacular event.

Romney's speech was principled, impassioned and conservative to the core. He spoke about the dire effects of big government spending and taxpayer funded bailouts crippling an already frail economy, versus limited government which spurs economic growth and empowers Americans to pursue greater opportunities.

In the aftermath of last Tuesday's national G.O.P. revolt in Virginia and New Jersey, Romney released this statement: “The American people have sent a very strong message to the liberals in Washington, D.C.; that big government is not the answer and that conservatism is alive and well.”

Romney, as many recall, beat his closest opponent, Senator John McCain, by a 3-1 margin in Duval and the surrounding counties. That night, N.E.F.L. conservatives became “the shining city on a hill whose beacon light guides” in Florida. So much so, it was picked up nationally by C.N.N. news the evening of the Florida primary, that a phenomenon was happening in Jacksonville not replicated in the state.

Since 2008, Romney has formed a P.A.C., “Free and Strong America.” He travels the country speaking to prestigious "Think Tanks" espousing time tested principles that will turn this country around; as well as backing Republican candidates running for statewide and national office.

Known for his business acumen, Romney started Bain Capital and reorganized major companies such as Dominos, Staples and Office Depot which later became household names. Additionally, Romney earned his “Mr. Fix-it” reputation by closing a gargantuan $3 billion dollar deficit in Massachusetts as governor, and rectified a $379 million dollar hole in the U S. Olympic budget and turned a profit for $100 million in 2002 in Salt Lake City.

Like President Reagan, Romney is a free market, economic supply-sider. He believes in the greatness of the American people to overcome the economic challenges we face, not by mortgaging trillions of dollars in debt to future generations by expanding government bureaucracy.

Our nation and Florida are facing the worst economic crisis since 1975. Florida's unemployment rate is at a staggering 11% and growing. Mitt Romney is a full spectrum conservative and as such is a natural ally on the life issues. He has the moral fortitude, record, and intelligence to steer this country back on course.

Though the 2012 election may seem a long way off, people are looking to the future for hope. In several of the latest polls, former governor Mitt Romney is the front runner for the Republican nomination. It's time to start paying attention to what he has to say.

Governor Romney, welcome back to Jacksonville, we're glad you came.

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  1. Romney 2012 !!!!!!!!

  2. If anyone can save this country, it is going to be Mitt Romney. Honesty and Integrity filter from the top down. The only chance we have to save this country is to get back to ideals and away from self-serving politicians.

    • Bully Hockey! Mitt is having Savior delusions, Romney IS a self-serving politician that is why he was an absent gov. in mass.

  3. Bound for greatness. Romney has the total package. He's not a Poli-cleb, he has not 24/7 fox exposure and yet... he's still wacking them out of the park.

    An Adult in the GOP. A new and innovative concept.

  4. Apparently you are only looking at the post-"I want to be President" Romney rather than the "I want to be Massachusetts's Governor" Romney as they are nothing alike. Everything you hail him for, he used to be against until he decided he needed to appeal to the GOP rather than the democrats. Remove the heart-shaped blinders, please.

  5. We need a reformer now, not in 3 years! I hope we're getting our game together.

  6. In response to Shane I would say if you knew Romney you would know that yes he does want to be president but it based upon his desire to fix a broken government not because he enjoys spear catching.

    Mitt Romney can go a long way to solving our problems and I hope he runs in 2012.

  7. Mitt Romney is simply amazing. If we are smart enough to nominate him, he will beat Obama, and return this country to conservative principles, and elevting us as a nation to heights hitherto unknown. Anyone who think Mitt Romney governed as anything other than conservative in Massachusetts simply does not know the facts. Romney 2012!!! ...and save our beloved America.

    • Romney is a real joke, it was a great joke the Romney’s thought when his son called him to play a prank and it played on You Tube, his son saying something about Arnold backing him, or some sort of nonsense. Funny, funny Romney laughs. Fast forward. A disabled kid, who is blind, is able to make out the numbers Mitts baby adult child is dialing, cameras are now off, and the kid calls Romney, asking Romney something like, how are things going? Romney tells the kid to stick the phone up his a@@. Nice touch Mitt! What style… “who let the dogs out?”

      Romney is pretty amazing................and a very scary man.

  8. Gov. Romney came to Michigan during the primaries saying he would fight for all of our jobs. Then he left and we have not heard from him since. He then moved on to Florida and pandered to the seniors. Then he left for the Super Tuesday primaries. Now you say you are glad he came back. I say, no thanks.

    • What has Romney done to be amazing? Maybe he was amazing when he sent the feds to rough up a man who was protesting one of Mitts decisions when Romney was running the Olympics -- set the guy up on false claims. Check it out. google Romney and Olympic corruption. If that doesn't bring one to reality about the dangers of overbearing Romney. Then check Romney's arrest record. The man cannot control himself when he doesn't get his way. What type of danger do you want American citizens to be in from this would be Caesar ?

    • Yes, Michigan heard from Romney, he said Michigan go bankrupt!

      Fraud Romney!!!!!!!

  9. Why, Mitt? Why aren't you President? We need you now!

    We need you to return our country to greatness!

    • You have to be kidding. Romney said after the last election he was glad not to be president because of the economic challenges. Mr. Flipper is not an answer for this nation.

      He's not president because he lost in the primaries. He lost because intelligent people saw through him.

  10. Romney is not a good selection, he will ensure a GOP defeat. Panders, and flip floppers are not presidential material.