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Crenshaw: Honoring Our Veterans

crenshaw-post1With United States soldiers courageously serving in Iraq and Afghanistan, it is more important than ever that we set aside time to honor their brave predecessors - America's veterans. In Florida and across the nation, we take time to recognize their sacrifices on Veterans' Day - an opportunity to express gratitude to the men and women who fought tyranny to secure freedom at home and around the globe.

Veterans' Day tributes celebrate the heroism of those who served in our country's armed services during times of peace and war. On this day, in particular, we are keenly aware of the bravery of our country's veterans as defenders of liberty.

On November 11, Americans also remain mindful of the servicemen and women who did not return home from battle. Having given the ultimate sacrifice for our nation and its ideals, they have earned our lasting admiration and appreciation. Here on the First Coast, we mourn the loss of all Florida soldiers who died in battle. As we keep their friends and families in our thoughts, we pledge to never forget their selflessness
and courage.

While we praise soldiers of years past, each year we renew our support for the men and women who have - like so many before them - left their hometowns to fight in foreign lands. As they fight dangerous enemies in
the war against terror, we support them in their mission and look
forward to welcoming them back home.

The significant contributions that our servicemen and women have made to freedom in America and around the world highlight the need to pay tribute to them each and every Veterans' Day. That is why I remain committed to ensuring that those who have served our country have access to quality health care, receive the full benefits that they have earned, and have all their needs fully represented in Congress.

The members of Florida's veterans' community play a valuable role in backing their fellow soldiers, and I thank them for the attention and feedback they provide on critical issues. Whether the focus is on health benefits, survivor benefits, or concurrent receipt, the counsel of our veterans is always helpful in gaining a full understanding of their concerns.

Those who have served in the United States Armed Forces, and those who will enter service, should know that this country honors their sacrifices on Veterans' Day and all year. Democracy is the fruit of their brave action, and we must respect and always remember their contributions to our great country after they leave service. Veterans on the First Coast and across the state and nation can be assured that I will always advocate their needs on Capitol Hill.

Editor's note: Congressman Crenshaw's office remains a constant resource for veterans at the following office locations or by sending a message through the official e-mail address, which can be accessed at www.crenshaw.house.gov.

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