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Duval GOP’s Romney Event Shatters Fundraising Records

Jacksonville was the place to be for Florida Republicans Monday night. The Duval County Republican Party announced today that the November 9th event, “An Evening with Governor Mitt Romney Honoring Tom Petway”, was an unparalleled success, topping all previous such events in Northeast Florida.

“The local Republican Party is on fire! Everyone is energized and prepared to turn out the vote in 2010. Thanks to the generosity of our donors - many of whom have never given to the local Party before - and of course our mighty grassroots, we exceeded our goal and raised more $250,000 even in these tough economic times. It’s a new day in the Party. Republicans are demanding victory in 2010,” said Lenny Curry, Chairman of the Duval Republican Party.

State Committeewoman Cindy Graves, who chaired the event, reported record ticket sales. “Republican grassroots leaders from five counties turned out a sell-out crowd of more than 750 and still others clamoring for tickets on Monday. Ticket sales went through the roof after the sweeping victories in Virginia and New Jersey. Judging from the calls, emails and enthusiasm, local Republicans are energized in a way I have never witnessed,” she said.

Curry also praised the unique draw of the event’s keynote speaker and honoree. “Tom Petway is a legend both for his generosity to the GOP and his unwavering support of Jacksonville. Governor Mitt Romney has a unifying message of a strong economy and military coupled with a patriotic view of America. Joined by Republican leaders and elected officials from all over Florida, we celebrated our collective goal of an overwhelming victory for fiscally conservative Republican candidates throughout our state and our nation in 2010,” Curry said.

For more information about the forward movement of the Duval Republican Party, visit: www.jaxgop.org or tune in on Thursdays at 5:00 PM to “What’s the Buzz?” on ABC1320 WBOB which is the only NE FL radio show devoted to Republican politics.

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  1. doesn't seem that much more was raised over the net in one day for a democrat that was in the millions. Mitt more than likely gave money to people to put in the pot so he would look good, it is like his straw poll stuffing, and giving people money.

    • Gertrude, seems your proposition is based on speculation. Can you prove Romney subsidized the event?
      As for "not that much more" my response is "it was more, by your own admission".
      So much bitterness and acramony is evident in your short, yet emotional post. Face it, Dems are going down in 2010!

      na na na na, na na na na; hey, hey, hey; good bye!

      • All one has to remember is Romneys straw vote stuffing. This Romney guy is a loser. Republicans will lose if they tap this flip flopper.

  2. Gertrude,
    With all due respect, you are not correct in your statement. This Duval GOP event was the largest single Party fundraiser (in both dollars and attendees) in the history of Duval County, by either Party. In addition, the largest political fundraiser for a single campaign was last year when Gov Sarah Palin visited Jacksonville. That event beat large general election fundraisers for President George W Bush in 2004 and the then Gubernatorial Candidate and now Governor Charlie Crist in 2006. No Democratic candidate or Party event has ever come close to exceeding the million dollar mark in a single day. As these types of fundraisers are always reported on in the Florida Times Union, it would be helpful if you would provide a link to the exact fundraiser you are referencing. Otherwise, we will assume that you have misstated that occurrence.
    In addition, I assume that you are making light in your assertion that a guest speaker like Gov Mitt Romney would give money to this event. That thought or suggestion is just silly.

    • No more than Romneys long time family friend and big political bankroller gave money to disgraced Kwame Kilpatrick, After all like Romneys buddy said 'He's the best we got".

      Romney is one scandal waiting in the wings.

  3. Common demoninator on this win for Duval GOP event and Sarah Palin is Marty Fiorentino.

  4. If Florida had gone for Mitt in the 2008 Republican primary we could be looking at a totally different world right now.

    Romney 2012!

  5. It is win for the party when someone like Marty Fiorentino invests his time in the efforts of the local party. It shows his committment to building a strong party from the ground up

  6. Dear Gertie,

    Are there different contribution laws in Florida? If Mitt had donated, it would be listed--and the exact amount. But Gertrude, you and your sour grapes knew that.

    • There are reports coming out on Mitt having his people at Bain give two-thousand dollar political contributions to Mitt favorite political candidates, only the pay them back under the table----it is starting to be come a total chat. Given Mitts straw poll stuffing which Ron Paul documented, and Romney people putting up other candidates signs, McCains people document, Romney has every appearance of an unsavory character.

  7. Gertrude,
    In all your posts you have yet to bring anything with substance to the table. Your emotional diatribe does nothing for your argument, and gives a less than favorable impression of your intellectual abilities.

    • ROTFL -- Romney has no intellect, so I am still a step ahead.

      Romney is coming out looking corrupt, stuffing straw votes, paying people off, even some are stating whos kin worked for Bain, Romney had his people pay two-thousand dollars towards candidates Mitt was backing, only to pay under the table the people who worked for Romney back. Sounds like a Romney thing to do.

      Romney is a poor person to back, and a waste of money he could never win a presidential election.

  8. If people were more honest and not so hateful toward Mitt Romney they would realize we desperately need his goodness and expertise right now. He's not a flip flopper. He has made improvements by endorsing pro-life issues. We're not getting that from the White House right now even though the House of Rep. passed a bill with no gov. funded abortions. Please Jacksonville and the South realize what we've got in Mitt Romney. Let's get a good man to run who can beat Obama with his brains, experience, and personal example and track record.

    • If Romney was more honest as to the man and family they are there would not be harmed innocent people. Hateful? PHEW! The only hateful things around are the Romney family.

      His track record is a flip flopped and an absent governor.

    • Not a good idea to go beating people brains out, murder is a serious issue, your probably the same type of people who tell abused kids and women to write about it and put it in a glass jar and bury the jar and it will make all the bad memories go away. Or, maybe your just the type who tell them to " Shhhh, don't tell your hurt Gods work"..... did Mitt wear a hair cut similar to one of the men who said this, because Romney admired the man sooooooooo much? By George, I thats right!

  9. Can anyone tell is Gertie is stable? Regardless of my part affiliation and/or support for or opposition to Romney, it is difficult to find her statements credible. They are pure conjecture, full of unsubstantiated innuendo, and never backed up. When politely asked for clarification, she slings more tangential mud. Troubling ...

    • Nice attack --- if someone disagrees with Romney, he starts calling names, Here's a you tube to look and google in:
      Olympic +Corruption+Romney+FBI. Romney cannot stand someone not agreeing with him, and will go to all kinds of lengths for vengeance. even to disagree with him, he tries to make it dangerous.

      What is troubling is Romney..................

  10. Gertrude, You sound like you have a bias against Romney. You are misinformed. Romney is not a flip flopper. That term was given to him by our two losers, McCain and Huckabee who ganged up against him, and led us to destruction last time. We need his leadership especially at this time. I'm not going to put up with the same old "flip flopper' immaturity from last time. You need to get a life.
    Romney has economic wisdom. He has never flip flopped on that. Romney has always been pro-life. He said he would honor the law of Massuchessetts which supported abortions. Which you and I do at this time also. We live in America, and abortion rights are legal. I respect the law of the land. I DO not support abortion but I do see that our country is where it is today. Romney has led as a governor in a liberal state and did wonderfully! Look at his record.
    Can you site anything else specific that would prove he is a flip flopper. You haven't sited on flip. If you can't back up you rhetoric, than you best not cut down our top candidate.
    This kind of "ignorant" back stabbing of an elect man of our party is ridiculous and is what the democrats want. We need to thoughtfully listen to our party's choices and give them decent treatment this time.

  11. B, as far as I can see, B could be one of those in our party who have a bias.

  12. Whoa...Gertrude is upset. I don't get it - why the vitriol against a republican and not socialist Obama/Reid/Pelosi? I love Sarah Palin, I love Bobby Jindal... but if Romney gets the nomination, I along with a MAJORITY of rational Americans (Gertrude, are you in?) will get behind him and he would become our next president. He's smart, he's conservative, and if these are the best scandals you can come up with Gertude (sorry, but that video is a joke), then he is also remarkably scandal-free. Don't get me wrong...I think that we have better choices than Romney, but come on...a Romney nominee/presidency would be a very, very good thing.

  13. I predict our country will recover to a higher level of glory and greatness than ever previously achieved when Mitt takes over the helm in the next election. Obama is
    a bull in a china shop, a runaway train, a kid in a candy store and every other
    destructive cliche combined.

  14. Gertrude and her hatred cannot diminish the very goos success the Duval REC experienced last week. Reality is Romney drew a crowd. Next year maybe we can have Palin!

    I suspect Gertrude will be crying about that event as well.


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