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Al Bundy: Rather Be Beefy Than Thin

Ed O'Neill, beefy star of the new ABC sitcom "Modern Family," says there's nothing wrong with being overweight.

"I think you're worse off being too thin," says O'Neill, 63, and a black belt in the martial art of Brazilian jujitsu. "To be overweight is not that unhealthy. You see those Midwestern waitresses, strong as bulls, they live until they're in their 90s. Hollywood is so obsessed with thin that it is a sickness."

O'Neill, whose most famous TV role was the uncouth Al Bundy on "Married With Children," is not into low-cal treats. "Health food ice cream?" he asks. "Why even eat it?"

His idea of health food? "I like wine," he says proudly.

Although he doesn't diet, O'Neill does expect to lose weight soon. His secret? "Now that I'm working," he says, "I will lose about 20 pounds."

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  1. He is right on the money! Hollywood's dieting is a sickness. Go Al!