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Overdue Books Returned, 51 Years Later

PHOENIX - Fifty-one years and $1,000 later, two overdue books have finally made their way back to the Camelback High School library.

Georgette Bordine, librarian for the Phoenix school, received an anonymous letter, two books by the Audubon Society and a sizeable money order a little over a week ago.

"Attention Director, 51 years ago about this time of year, my family had to move to another state," Bordine quoted from the letter. "This happened rather hurriedly and these books were packed up and moved as well.

"I've included a money order to cover my delinquency dues. At 2 cents per day it works out to 745 dollars for 51 years. I've included a few more dollars in case the rates changed."

Bordine questioned the veracity of the letter, but the money order proved to be valid.

"I was just so amazed by it," she said, "that somebody would take the time to do this and not to just return the books, but to put in such a huge check."

The former student explained in the letter that the books were from 1959. The letter writer went to great lengths to hide his or her identity, although the package was postmarked from Superior, Ariz.

Bordine said the funds will be used to purchase more books and replace funds cut because of the economy. The books will be on display for a short time, then go back on the shelves for current students to use.

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