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Colts Slam ‘Disrespect’ from Belichick

INDIANAPOLIS - Bill Belichick took a gamble on fourth down. Some Indianapolis Colts defenders took it as a sign of disrespect.

"Total disrespect," linebacker Clint Session said after his Colts beat the Belichick-coached Patriots 35-34 Sunday night.

"They fought hard throughout the game, but they disrespected us at the end and they got what they deserved."

Leading by six and faced with a fourth-and-2 situation at the Patriots 28-yard line with just over two minutes left, Belichick bypassed a punt because he didn't want to give the ball back to quarterback Peyton Manning and the Colts offense.

But a pass from quarterback Tom Brady to running back Kevin Faulk came up just short. The Colts took over at the 29-yard line. Four plays later, Manning hit wideout Reggie Wayne with the winning 1-yard touchdown pass with 13 seconds left.

"That (going for it) is a lot of disrespect," Colts defensive end Robert Mathis said. "I know they're trying to win the game just like we are, but we were fortunate to stop that play."

Said Dwight Freeney, the Colts' other defensive end, "As a defense, we take a lot of pride. When you go for it on fourth down in that situation, we have to make a play. That's what we did. We stepped up."

Former Patriots linebacker Tedy Bruschi, now an ESPN analyst, said Belichick was showing his own defense a lack of respect as well.

"He felt that his chances were better to go for it on his own 28-yard line than to punt it away and make Peyton Manning have to drive the majority of the field to win the game," Bruschi wrote in a column at ESPN.com.

Belichick defended the call Monday.

"I thought it was our best chance to win," he said. "I thought we needed to make that one play and then we could basically run out the clock. We weren't able to make it."

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