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Woods Cancels on Golf, Police

Tiger Woods still won't talk - and he won't be playing any golf in the near future.

Woods on Monday canceled his appearance at his Chevron World Challenge this week in Thousand Oaks, Calif., citing injuries from his early-morning car crash Friday. He said in a statement posted on his website that he was extremely disappointed to miss his own tournament: "I am certain it will be an outstanding event, and I'm very sorry that I can't be there."

Meanwhile, the incident has sparked an ongoing law enforcement investigation.

During the weekend, Woods canceled three consecutive meetings with the Florida Highway Patrol seeking information about the single-car incident. Police found Woods bleeding and semiconscious in the street near his home in Windermere.

Woods complied with Florida law by furnishing his driver's license, vehicle registration and insurance information. But the FHP said in a statement Monday that the "crash investigation is ongoing and charges are pending."

The FHP also said in its statement: "Contrary to various media reports, the Florida Highway Patrol has not made any comments regarding the details of the ongoing crash investiga-tion involving Tiger Woods as it relates to medical information or any other aspect of this investigation."

The Associated Press reported Monday that a new fire hydrant had replaced the one that Woods plowed into in his black Cadillac Escalade. A dirt hole and an orange barricade remained in the old hydrant's place.

Also, officials at the Chevron World Challenge - who won't have Woods playing in his own event for the second year in a row - announced that fans who bought advance tickets in hopes of seeing Woods could get full refunds beginning Dec. 7.

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