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Woods Crash Caused $3,200 in Damage

THOUSAND OAKS, Calif. - Tiger Woods wasn't wearing a seat belt, hit more than a fire hydrant and tree and was driving erratically outside his Florida home Friday, according to the final report released Wednesday by the Florida Highway Patrol.

Woods, who crashed his Cadillac Escalade SUV into a tree at 2:25 a.m., caused $3,200 in property damage, according to a six-page report that describes the accident and does not include statements from Woods, his wife, Elin, or witnesses.

The report included 105 photos of the accident scene.

Woods, 33, who is skipping the Chevron World Challenge that begins today at Sherwood Country Club and benefits the Tiger Woods Foundation, was issued a careless driving citation Tuesday from the FHP and faces a $164 fine.

Besides running over a fire hydrant and hitting a neighbor's tree, Woods' vehicle rubbed up against a row of hedges after he left his driveway and crossed over a curb onto a grass median and into another row of hedges before it swerved left into the hydrant.

Damage to the Escalade was estimated at $8,000.

The report was released hours after the world's No. 1 golfer posted a statement on his website saying he was "far short of perfect" and apologized for letting his family down and said he regrets "those transgressions with all my heart." The statement came after a cover story by Us Weekly reported claims by a Los Angeles cocktail waitress that she had a 31-month affair with Woods.

The firestorm of coverage has been felt at the Chevron World Challenge, which features 14 of the top 25 players, a $5.75 million purse and world ranking points up for grabs for the first time.

Woods won't be playing for the second year in a row. He didn't play last year as he recovered from reconstructive knee surgery. But he did attend the event and limped to multiple news conferences. His absence this year has left a huge hole for fans and players.

"It was a shock to see he was in a car accident, and then all the developments after that obviously is a shock, too," said Steve Stricker, who finished second in last year's Chevron. "We all want him here. We all look up to the guy. We all admire what he does and has done on the golf course.

"I'm not going to kid you, it's taken a little bit of the life out of me being here because usually I'm paired with him in this event and very much look forward to playing with him the first round. But we've still got to go on. We've still got to play in this tournament and make it a good one and help out his organization, and hopefully he works everything out at home and gets back real soon."

Added Anthony Kim, who was third in last year's Chevron: "It's always a disappointment when Tiger is not at an event. Tiger has been great for the game of golf. He's been great for other people's futures. He's supported so many charities and supports all his friends. I'm not saying he did or didn't do anything, but everyone makes mistakes."

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  1. I am so disappointed in Tiger as I thought he was better than this. What is it with some men, especially sports figures, that causes them to be unfaithful to their wives? His wife was 7 months pregnant when he started this affair!! How does he think this makes her feel??? Unattractive? Unloved? Fat????? I am praying for them and pray they can work this out. He seems like a very nice person but this affair has definitely put a stigma on his character.